Samuel's agency fires employees revealed to be sasaengs.

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Two of Samuel's staff members and two fan staff were confirmed as sasaengs (stalker fan).

Previously, Samuel's fans found out that there were sasaengs among Samuel's fan marketing staff and informed it through the official homepage and SNS. They claimed that the staff has been spreading Samuel's  private information for about a month since his debut.

In response to these accusations, on September 4, Brave Entertainment stated on the official homepage, "We reviewed the fans' concerns related to our employees and took time to verify the facts, and we let you know that we've fired them."

It was originally known that there were 4 fan marketing employees who are sasaeng, but the agency corrected that there are 2, and the remaining 2 are fan staff members, who have also been dismissed.

Meanwhile, Samuel appeared in 'Produce 101 Season 2.' By ranking in the 18th place, he didn't make it to Wanna One, but he made his official debut with solo song 'Sixteen.'

[Image source: Brave Entertainment]


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