B1A4 sends surprise coffee truck to 'Manhole' set for BARO's birthday! [Manhole]

# Drama 2017.09.06 View : 2385

B1A4 members secretly sent a coffee truck for Baro, who plays Seoktae in 'Manhole.'

On September 5, Baro posted a picture taken in front of a coffee truck and wrote, "Oh my God T.T What is this, our members T.T This is a total surprise, I'm so touched. You guys are the best! Thank you so, so much and I'll take you out to eat something nice when I'm done shooting."

In the photo, Baro is standing next to a sign that reads "If you see Seoktae, please punch him! Birthday punch."

It's great to see B1A4 members maintaining their friendship for so long!


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