Jeonghui stands frozen in the pouring rain. [Girls' Generation 1979]

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She is staring at something, speechless. What did she see in the rain?

In the last episode, Jeonghui tried to let go of Son Jin knowing that he likes Hyeju, not her. However, while Jeonghui was studying English on the rooftop of the study room, Son Jin put a cardigan over her shoulders and told her that she's cute, rekindling the spark in her heart.

Teaser photos of the upcoming episode make us curious. Jeonghui is holding an umbrella in the rain, and she is standing frozen as if she's seen something shocking. Her face is full of disbelief in what is happening in front of her. She has another umbrella in her hand that she probably brought for someone else. In another photo, she is blocking someone's way and grabbing that person's hand.

For whom did Jeonghui take the extra umbrella? Why is she standing with such stunned look in the middle of the street? Let's find out tonight!

[Girls' Generation 1979]

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