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We often watch dramas with English subtitles on KBS World. Of course, the names of the dramas are also in English. Today, let's learn the Korean titles of 4 dramas airing on KBS World!

1. Witch at Court

Witch at Court is a 2017 KBS drama series starring Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyun-min. 

Ma Ideum (cast. Jung Yeowon) is a materialistic female prosecutor who does not hesitate to use personal attacks, fabricate evidence, and incite perjury in order to win her case is assigned to special task force for sex crimes. Yeo Jinwook (cast. Yoon Hyun Min) is a newbie prosecutor also joins the task force, and together they solve crimes with a grudging chemistry.

Witch at court’s Korean title is 마녀의 법정 (Manyeo Eui Beobjeong).


Showtime: Tue-Wed 21:50 | Re-run: Tue-Wed 11:50, Wed-Thurs 04:20, 09:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


2. The Secret of My Love

The Secret of My Love is a 2017 KBS drama series starring Song Chang Eui, Kang Se Jung, Kim Da Hyun and Park Jung Ah. A man desperately wants to be "real," so he puts on a "real" mask. A woman wants to be loved so much that she throws out her younger sister and replaces her. The drama shows the struggles of these two man and woman who look for ways to find true happiness in their lives.

The secret of my love’s Korean title is 남자의 비밀(Nae Namja Eui Bimil)


Showtime: Mon-Fri 19:40 | Re-run: Tue-Sat 08:00, 15:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


3. My Golden Life

My Golden Life is a 2017 KBS drama series starring Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwan  and Seo Eun Soo.

My Golden Life is a story about Seo Jian (cast: Shin Hyesun) life in a poor family, the frustration of injustice and social inequality. She  has a chance to rise in status and a man who finds happiness in her.

My golden life’s Korean title is황금빛 인생(Hwanggeum bit Nae Insaeng)


Showtime: Sat-Sun 21:20 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 03:50 l Sat 11:50 l Wed 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


4. Big Man

Big Man  is a 2014 KBS drama  series starring Kang Ji Hwan, Choi Daniel, Lee Da Hee and Jung So Min.

Kim Jihyuk (Cast: Kang Jihwan) born as an orphan and lived a "third-rate life" before deciding to turn himself around and work himself to the bone, with humble dreams of owning his own restaurant. He gets entangled in a plan to save the life of Kang Dongseok (Cast: Choi Daniel), a chaebol heir who needs a heart transplant, and is told that he is Dong-seok's older brother and begins a lavish new life in that world... and then later learns that it was all a lie

Big Man’s Korean title is빅맨(Big Maen)


Showtime: Mon-Thurs 24:20 | Re-run: Sun 05:00, Mon 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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