Shin Sae Kyeong encourages viewers to stay tuned with cute aegyo [Black Knight]

# Drama 2017.12.08 View : 3626

On December 7, Shin Sae Kyeong's agency Namoo Actors shared a short clip of Shin Sae Kyeong reminding the viewers to watch 'Black Knight.'

In the video, Shin Sae Kyeong turned into a cute bumblebee using a face recognition application. She is wearing the wine-colored coat that she wore in episode 1. She says, "Don't miss it!"

Shin Sae Kyeong stars as Jeong Haera in KBS drama 'Black Knight.'

'Black Knight' is a fantasy romance drama about a man with an innocent idea of love who embraces a dangerous fate for a woman he loves. 

[Black Knight]

Thu-Fri 21:50 | Re-run: Fri-Sat 04:20, Sun 13:00, 22:30 Thu 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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