Team 'Mad Dog' to volunteer at dog shelter to keep their promise

# Drama 2017.12.13 View : 4254

According to Yoo Ji Tae's agency Namoo Actors, Yoo Ji Tae and his co-stars Kim Hye Sung and Ryu Hwayoung will do volunteer work at a shelter for abandoned dogs.

Before the drama aired, the 'Mad Dog' team had promised that they would do volunteer work for abandoned dogs if the drama achieved no.1 viewer ratings. And indeed, the viewer ratings for 'Mad Dog' became no.1 among its competitors towards the end.

Namoo Actors said, "The leader of 'Mad Dog,' Yoo Ji Tae, took the initiative in the real world. We hope that through this service, more people will be interested in the issue of abandoned dogs."


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