'My Golden Life' is Korea's most beloved TV program

# Drama 2017.12.21 View : 4364

Gallup Korea surveyed 1,007 men and women over the age of 19 in Korea on their favorite TV program, and KBS weekend drama 'My Golden Life' has been voted as the most beloved TV program by Koreans with 8.6 percent.

This month, the viewer rating for 'My Golden Life' surpassed 40 percent and set the highest record among dramas that aired this year. The drama is set to end in March of next year.

Below is the top 10 most beloved TV programs by Koreans

1. My Golden Life (drama)

2. Infinite Challenge (entertainment)

3. Battle of Tongues (entertainment)

4. Travel With Dr. Trivia (entertainment)

5. Home Alone / Men on a Mission (entertainment)

7. I Am a Natural Person (documentary)

8. My Little Old Boy (entertainment)

9. The Secret of My Love (drama)

10. Welcome, First Time In Korea? / Same Bed, Different Dreams (entertainment)


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