Yoo In Na says she is happy to be IU's "muse"

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At 2017 Melon Music Awards, IU won the 'Album of the Year.' During her award acceptance speech, she said, "I am very thankful to my closest friend, number one fan, my celebrity, my muse Yoo In Na."

Despite their age difference of 11 years, IU and Yoo In Na are well known to be best friends and neighbors. At a recent interview, Yoo In Na talked about her friendship with IU.

Q: How did you feel when IU called you her "muse" during her award acceptance speech?

I felt good. Not everyone gets a chance to be mentioned in such as beautiful way. I once saw an actress express her love for her lover during her award acceptance speech, and even though I wasn't even her lover, it melted my heart. And strangely, after that, the actress looked prettier in my eyes and I got to like her more. Even though I may not be IU's lover, I was mentioned at her speech! It made me feel happy and grateful. And I hope those of you who watched it get to like IU more.

Q: What is IU to Yoo In Na?

We're typical best friends, but I think our friendship is somehow deemed special since IU's way of expressing herself is so lovely and she's so popular. Also, many people are curious about how we're so close despite our age gap. I think you can be good friends regardless of the age as long as you can communicate well and neither of you feel uncomfortable. We are good friends and lifetime companions. She is a person whom I need to look after with responsibility, and she is also my tower of strength when I'm in need. We agreed to meddle in each other's lives and eat tasty food together forever.

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