T-ara leaves MBK Entertainment without disbanding

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On January 3, T-ara's Hyomin shared a hand-written letter on her Instagram letting the fans know about the group's parting from MBK Entertainment. She assured that the four members of the group will stay together.

Ever since Boram and Soyeon left the group last year in May, T-ara has been promoting as a 4-member group. When their contract expired in December 2017, they decided not to renew it.

MBK Entertainment stated, "The contract expired at the end of last month. This doesn't mean that T-ara is disbanding or separating. The four members will decide the future of the team for themselves."

Below is the full text of Hyomin's letter:

It's been a long time. I'm writing to you since it is the New Year's. You're doing well, right?

Last year, we said farewell to our company with which we spent 10 years. But don't worry. I can't tell you anything in concrete, but the members will be together wherever and whenever.

The members are taking some time for themselves and relaxing for the first time in a while. We agreed to carefully consider how we can make many opportunities to spend time together with the fans in the future. Of course, we will be seeing the fans on a personal level very frequently.

Ever since I was young and thought receiving love was something granted to now when I'm starting anew despite knowing that I won't be loved, I am grateful for the time that has taught me many things.

While I am excited for a new start, I am also cautious at the same time, just like after breaking up with a long-time lover, it's scary to start a new love right away.

I really wanted to sincerely say thank you to the fans for supporting us for the past 10 years, although this is not the end. And everyone did hard work!

Please wait for us without worrying because we'll be back soon with good news. May all your wishes come true in 2018, and Happy New Year!

[Image source: MBK Entertainment, Hyomin Instagram] 


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