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Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit is the newest reality show aired by KBS.

What captivated me the most was the concept of giving a fresh chance to artists who have already debuted but was unsuccessful in winning the public.

The Unit provides stages for the participants to emerge, and deliver music and dance around the world.

The show is aired to form a girl-group (Unit G) and a boy-group (Unit B) each with 9 members.

WHO gets to be in the Top 9?
It will be based on the number of votes received from the viewers!

From the first time I saw The Unit, I was amazed at how talented the participants were and since then I have been following the program.

However, we always have our favorites!!
In my case, the happiness of Jiwon and Jun's talent captivated me from the beginning.
BUT the show delivers all participant performances together which also fascinates me.

The program has a very competitive and challenging format to drive success from every participant. The participants are supervised by six mentors (Rain, Lee Tae-min, Hyuna, Jo Hyun-ah, Hwang Chi-yeol and San E) to help through this process.

The 126 participants recorded the theme song "My Turn" as their first mission, which is a song that reflects their aspirations to grow big and be witnessed by the public.

The hope of getting recognition, admiration for what you do, that's what the participants are looking for in this program, not just fame!!!

This show helped me to gain a perspective to follow my dream, and keep on trying, even when it is difficult. Being here today is part of how much I wasn’t willing to push myself harder to do things under challenges.

The program carries many challenges and dreams, and has a very beautiful message, giving hope to all who watch.

If you are following The Unit, please do not stop showing support!

If you are not, JOIN me! You still have time!

COMMENT below on who your favorite participant is and which country you view the program!

**The Unit airs every Wednesday at 23:00 and Thursday at 10:30 (in Korean Standard Time) on the KBS World Channel (TV and YouTube) with English subtitles!!**



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