'Queen of Mystery Season 2' began filming, and stills from the first day were revealed!

# Drama 2018.01.16 View : 3590

In 'Queen of Mystery 2,' housewife-turned-investigator Seolok and passionate detective Wanseung collaborate to solve big and small mysterious cases and unveil the hidden truth.

Gwon Sangu, who will play ace detective Ha Wanseung, said, "I am happy to work with the actors and staff once again. Together with Choi KangHee, I will try to make working together even more fun and make a good drama."

Choi KangHee said, "I'm more than happy that we were reunited after a year with season 2. Since Gwon Sangu is my best partner, I have complete faith that our drama will be successful." The actors showed deep trust for each other.

'Queen of Mystery 2' dramatizes various incidents that occur in our daily lives, and it will be full of interesting episodes in which the viewers can take part in figuring out. Since the main cast and the staff of season 1 have joined efforts once again, their marvelous teamwork promises the birth of another well-made drama.

'Queen of Mystery 2' will air following the end of 'Black Knight.'



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