Wanna One at Happy Together

# K-POP 2018.01.31 View : 6155

In August of 2017 the group Wanna-One made their first participation in the program [Happy Together] presenting all 11 members and participating in diverse activities. The group presented the "Nayana – 나야 나" from the survival program they participated in, as well as their debut song " Energetic - 에너제틱" for the first time at KBS.

~~Pick Me ~~Nayana~~


In addition to their performances, the group did a dance battle with the hosts showing off their talents and making us laugh a lot !!!

Their debut on the program was amazing, all the members were able to portray the charisma and the characteristics, conquering all the viewers’ hearts who did not know about the group.


In the recent episode of [Happy Together] in January 2018, Kang Daniel, Kim Jae Hwan, Hwang Min Hyun and Bae Jin Young of Wanna One came back to join other artists. They participated in the Karaoke (노래방) waiting for the customers to choose their songs to sing.

On the show, Kang Daniel danced “GASHINA" with Sunmi.

Sunmi x Kang Daniel

I really enjoyed watching the four members of Wanna-One singing BlackPink’s "Whistle".


The video is right below for you to watch!!



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