'Radio' Suho & Geurim draw up a hilarious contract! [Radio Romance]

# Drama 2018.02.06 View : 3710

Tonight, Ji suho will march into the radio station with Song Geurim.

Towards the end of the previous episode, when Geurim was being put on the spot by her senior writer, Ji Suho suddenly appeared and said, "Let's do it. Radio," grabbed her hands, and left with her.

On tonight's episode, Ji Suho will make an entry to the world of radio. Geurim and Suho will draw up their contract for the radio show. One of the clauses of the contract goes, "Song Geurim may not refuse what Ji Suho suggests." The rest of the contract piques our curiosity.

After many complications, they are finally on the same boat as DJ and writer. Her successful casting of got her promoted her to main writer. Geurim is excited and happy to welcome the top star to the program.

Let's look forward to seeing their live broadcast!

[Radio Romance]

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