'Radio Romance' Finale: Farewell from the Cast!

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As KBS drama 'Radio Romance' will come to an end tonight, the drama's cast sent messages of farewell and thanks to the viewers.

Yoon Dujun, who played top actor Ji Suho, said through his agency, "I'd like to thank the actors and staff who worked together for 3 months. I personally thought it was a big challenge, which is why I have a lot of regrets. Although there were a lot of difficulties, it's been a fun time. I learned and felt a lot, so I think it'll ring in my heart for a long time."

"Every scene I shot with other actors are memorable. We were all close, so we never stopped laughing while shooting. I hope this friendship goes a long way."

"Lastly, I'd like to thank the viewers for watching our drama every week and loving Ji Suho. I will become a person who can return the love that I received. Always be healthy and happy."

Kim So Hyun, who played radio writer Song Geurim, said, "I love and thank our 'Radio Romance' family. We enjoyed such a friendly atmosphere until the last moment, which makes me even sadder! Still, I was so happy to be able to show you a different side of me through Song Geurim. Thank you, all. I met Geurim, who is cheerful and confident, and received a lot of positive energy from her. I was able to wrap up well thanks to your love and support."

Yoon Bak, who played PD Lee Kang, said, "Time flew by and the drama has already come to an end."

"I wanted to play a dynamic role, and I met Lee Kang just in time. That's how I got to begin the drama. I always felt encouraged thanks to all your support. I will try hard to become an actor who always shows a new and positive side."

Girl's Day's Yura, who played actress Jin Taeri, said, "I was glad to get to know Taeri. I pitied Taeri. It was such a valuable experience, and I'm grateful to 'Radio Romance' for giving me this precious experience and memory."

The final episode of 'Radio Romance' airs tonight on KBS World.

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