Wanna One's contract extension under discussion, nothing is decided

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Wanna One's individual agencies are discussing Wanna One's contract extension.

Wanna One\\\'s individual agencies are discussing Wanna One\\\'s contract extension.

On July 26, a staff of Swing Entertainment, Wanna One's agency, revealed that the agencies of each member have recently been discussing the contract extension.

The staff said, "They all have different stances on the term of the contract, so different opinions have come out. Nothing has been decided, and they're not just discussing the contract extension until January."

Wanna One's official contract ends on December 31, and since most music awards take place until February, there have been talks of extending the contract until then. Five months remain until the end of the contract, and there is a keen interest on how Wanna One will decide to wrap up their activities.

Wanna One is an 11-member boy group created through 'Produce 101 Season 2'.

[Image source: Swing Entertainment]


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