'Feel Good To Die' Press conference: Meet the cast!

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The drama is based on a webtoon under the same title, and it is about ordinary employee Lee Ruda's battle in the office to reform her tyrannical boss Baek Jinsang through a time loop.

\\\'Feel Good To Die\\\' Press conference: Meet the cast!

Actor Kang Jihwan, who plays the foul-mouthed boss Baek Jinsang, said, "I enjoyed reading the webtoon. Since time loops aren't a common theme in dramas, and the webtoon did a very good job in expressing it, I was concerned about portraying it in a drama."

He continued, "I am having fun at the site because it's a romantic comedy that is meant to make the viewers feel comfortable and laugh. I'm glad to return with a romantic comedy after a long time of doing heavy and dark dramas."

When asked if he is similar to Baek Jinsang, he replied, "He is not at all similar to my usual personality. I am expressing a character that I haven't experienced only with my acting skills. My juniors feel comfortable around me."

Baek Jin Hee will play the subordinate Lee Ruda.

She said, "Lee Ruda says a lot of gratifying things. I agree with her a lot."

About the concern that her character may overlap with her previous character in 'Jugglers', which was also an office rom-com, she said, "Whereas in 'Jugglers', I played a secretary, so the vertical relationship was stronger, through Lee Ruda, I will be able to show you more 'girl-crush' aspects. Jwa Yuni of 'Jugglers' was lovelier, whereas Lee Ruda is a more righteous person."

She revealed that the hardship of shooting a drama with a time loop theme is "having to shoot different scenes with different emotions at the same place and situation."

\\\'Feel Good To Die\\\' Press conference: Meet the cast!

Gong-Myoung plays the rich guy and the nephew of the company's president, Kang Junho. He said, "I tried hard to make my character hard to hate."

Park Solmi returns to small screen for the first time in 2 years and a half since 'My Lawyer, Mr. Joe'. She said, "I had a thirst for acting for 2 years and a half. Thanks to the long break, I think I can do my best."

'Feel Good To Die' premieres this Thursday on KBS World.

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