BTS, IU, IZ*ONE, Chanyeol, Park Hae Jin cheer KSAT-takers

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While the 2019 Korean college entrance exam (KSAT) is being held today on November 15, more stars left messages of support for the test-takers.

On November 14, BTS uploaded a video titled "[Shout-out] To the A.R.M.Y.s taking the 2019 KSAT!"

Jungkook advised, "It's important to be in a good condition."

J-Hope joked, "You have to forget BTS while taking the KSAT."

Suga said, "Things happen in life, and you can do badly in an exam. But have courage. Have faith in yourself that you will do well on the test. KSAT might not be that important in your life."  

RM said, "The weather tends to be cold on the day of the exam, but unlike the weather, I hope you will return with a heart-warming result."

IU shared a video message on her YouTube channel in which she said, "The weather seemed to be getting colder, and it's time for the KSAT. UAENAs, don't be nervous, and think over what you've studied thoroughly and carefully and take the exam without regrets."

EXO's Chanyeol wrote on his Instagram, "Around this time of the year, I get lost in the thought that time flies by awfully fast. Regardless of the result, I pray that you will pour out everything you've worked for until now."

IZ*ONE said, "All the test-takers in Korea must be nervous and anxious. We hope you will get good results as you worked for it for a long time."

fromis_9 said, "Don't get nervous, and take care of yourself. We hope you get good results."

Actor Park Hae Jin said, "You worked very hard. I pray that you get the result you want, and do well on the exam."


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