Kang Daniel's Instagram is the fastest account to reach 1 million followers in the world

# K-POP 2019.01.03 View : 7890

On January 2, Kang Daniel made his personal Instagram account. Only 11 hours later, the number of his followers surpassed 1 million. This broke Pope Francisco's record of reaching 1 million followers in 12 hours in 2016.

Wanna One's members returned to their agencies as the contract ended on December 31. Yoon Ji Sung will make a solo debut as well as star in a musical. Ha Sung Woon will be debuting as a solo as well. Park Ji Hoon founded his personal fan cafe. Lai Kwan Lin will juggle activities in both Korea and China.

Kang Daniel foreshadowed his upcoming solo activities by creating his own Instagram account.

[Image source: Kang Daniel Instagram]


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