'Liver or Die' Press Conference: Meet the cast of new drama series

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New mini-series 'Liver or Die' is about a lonely, pitiful middle-age man Lee Pungsang and his thoughtless younger siblings who always cause trouble, a story that will make us consider the true meaning of family.

The main cast Yu Jun Sang, Lee Si Young, Oh Ji Ho, Jeon Hye-Bin and Lee Changyeop attended the press conference on the day of the drama's premiere.

The director said, "To Pungsang, his family is more of a burden than help. I hope you will keep an eye on how Pungsang leads his bloodsucking siblings and how he overcomes difficulties."

Yu Jun Sang, who plays the eldest sibling Pungsang, said, "Ever since I first received the script, I wanted to be a part of this drama. I was surprised when I read it because the story was so unpredictable. With every shoot, I reconsider about family and people. I think since we're too busy nowadays, we tend to forget about them."

Oh Ji Ho, who plays Jinsang, the guy who always screws around, said, "I am practicing the script really hard. I haven't practiced this hard in my life. I'm going to practice again when this is over."

Jeon Hye-Bin plays Jeongsang, who is a doctor. She said, "I may look like the only one who's not a bloodsucker among the 5 siblings, but I become a bloodsucker in a different way. Please look forward to the chemistry between the twin sisters who quarrel all the time."

Lee Si Young, who plays Hwasang, said, "There are many issues in each episode, and there are a lot of fun stories."

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