Red Velvet: First K-pop Girl Group to Top US iTunes Album Chart

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On June 19, 2019 (KST), at 6 P.M, Red Velvet's new music video for "Zimzalabim" was released.

Their new mini-album, "'The ReVe Festival' Day 1," already reached number 1 on the US iTunes Album chart.

It happened only hours after Red Velvet's new songs were released.

You will be able to watch their first stage performance for "Zimzalabim" on "Music Bank" tomorrow.

[Music Bank]

Showtime : Fri 17:00 | Re-run : Fri 23:10, Sat 06:25 (Seoul, UTC+9). ⓒSun 09:00 |

Re-run : Sun 15:05, Tue-Thu 17:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


[Image Source: Official Red Velvet Twitter page, SM Entertainment]


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