The Merchant : Gaekju 2015

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20150930
  • Number of Episodes : 41
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Fri 01:10 | Re-run : Mon 10:00, Tue-Fri 09:05, 15:25  (Seoul, UTC+9)


Cheon Osu, a merchant from Gaeseong, is heading to Zhamen in China to sell dried sea slugs with his sworn brother, Gil Sangmun. The future of his business depends on this journey, which hes taken his young children, Bongsam and Sorye, as well as Sangmuns son, Sogae on. In the meantime, Kim Hakjun, a loan shark, has a plan to destroy Mr. Cheons Gaekju in Zhamen. This drama features the heaven-sent merchant in Joseon Cheon Bongsam. He is the heir of Mr. Cheons Gaekju, who gets his start as a decoy, becomes a manager and eventually the chief of his business.


Cheon Bongsam (cast Jang Hyuk)

The heaven-sent merchant in Joseon.

The icon of hope who practiced business morality.

Cheon Osu, his father and Cheonga Gaekju's master, passed away when he was 8 years old. Although his sister Cheon Sorye abandoned him, he becomes a peddler and rebuilds Cheonga Gaekju.

Then, he meets Cho Seongjun, who respected his father and learns the power of money and the master of Gaekju confronting against Shin Seokju and Gil Sogae who threaten them with insidious wiles.

Bongsam is a man with loyalty who takes risk for his friends without hesitation, so people respect and calls him as "Master Bong."

Gil Sogae (cast Yoo Ohsung)

A man who ruined his life due to revengeful thought.

His talent in business made him to be pointed as Cheonga Gaekju's successor. However, when his father Gil Sangmun was killed by other paddlers, he decides to live only for his father’s will, "To be a leader of Yukuijeon" leaving everything behind.

Learning business from Shin Seokju, he ends up taking his fiance's life. Also, he fiercely competes with Cheon Bongsam for the top merchant in Joseon.

Maewol (cast Kim Minjung)

Maewol shows how much person can be so cruel when love becomes obsession. She puts herself and people around her into misery by pursuing for what she can’t have.

To win Cheon Bongsam, she becomes a shaman which she had been refused to do so for a long time and finally gets Cheon Bongsam’s life-or-death authority as ‘Jinryeonggun,’ a close personal of Queen Myeongseong.

Haeju’s father buried his own daughter alive who brought disgrace on his noble family, but her mother saved her. Then, she changes her name into Gaeddong and becomes and peddler wandering the whole nation.

One day, Gaeddong finds dying Cheon Bongsam and realizes at first sight that he is the man who can change her destiny not to become a shaman, but the heaven doesn’t allow her to get him.

Jo Sosa (cast Han ChaeA)

A woman of matchless beauty, who has a sorrow deep in her heart.

When men sees her, regardless his age or status, they fall in love with her.
However, her beauty is like a punishment to her.

Her father Jo Sundeuk, a Boeun Gaekju's porter, decides to sell her own daughter to Shin Seokju to make money. On that night, Chen Bongsam who suddenly shows up in front of her and they spend the night together by destiny.

Then, she decides to let him go not to stand in his way regarding him as her husband in her heart and follows Shin Seokju.

Behind the Scenes

Maewol finally has a date with Bongsam [The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]
Maewol is excited to have dinner with her crush, Bongsam. In the last episode, Maewol ordered Gil Sogae to murder Sosa, which created an atmosphere of horror. Today, it is Bongsam who comes ...
Bongsam and Sosa, hugging from behind [The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]
Jo Sosa gives Cheon Bongsam a hug before he goes on a journey. In the last episode, Sosa asked Seokju for a divorce and warned him that he should stop bothering Bongsam. As she became a mistres...
Kim Minjung in masculine attire [The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]
It is third time for Kim Minjung to disguise her true sex under a man's garment. As she happens to dress up like a man more than once, she seems very comfortable in masculine clothes.  ...



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