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KBS World is a 24-hour family entertainment channel provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. KBS programs are broadcast on KBS World only 1 day to 7 days after their first-run in Korean terrestrial channel. With 100% original programming by KBS, the channel broadcasts in Korean language along with multilingual subtitles. Currently available for 54 million households within 117 countries and for over 1700 hotels in 46 countries, KBS World is the definite source to feel, enjoy, and learn Asian culture. KBS World promises to do its best to bring pleasant and informative programs to the viewers. Always enjoyable TV, it is KBS World!
Channel Profile
date,distributed,number,language,subtittle table.
Launch Date July 1, 2003
Countries distributed KBS World is available in 117 countries including USA, China, Japan, major Asian countries, Europe, CIS, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, and even in Antarctica
Number of households Approx. 50.6 million (as of February 2015)
Language Korean
Subtitles English (95%), Chinese (27%), Malay (10%)
* Japanese Subtitles, Spanish Subtitles, Vietnamese Subtitles,
Indonesian Subtitles also in service
Drama: Key Driver of Korean Wave
KBS World dramas distinguish themselves through various themes, dynamic storylines and the presence of renowned celebrities. Highly appreciated among Asian audiences, KBS dramas bring heartwarming stories of life, love, and family.
Entertainment: Recharge Yourself with Wholesome Laughter
Korea's most loved entertainment programs have gathered! KBS World offers enjoyable entertainment programs including K-Pop music shows, comedy skits, and infotainment programs. Viewers will meet the most up-to-the-minute trends in Korea through KBS World's total entertainment programs.
Documentary: New Paradigm of Documentaries
Diverse, useful and enjoyable! KBS World provides the latest and highly informative documentary programs. KBS documentaries bring in-depth information on health, environment, social and cultural topics. Find vivid nature and experience passionate lives on KBS World documentaries.
  • 2014
    December 1
    KBS World available via Nordelink Bulgaria (CATV), Telenet Bulgaria (CATV/IPTV) in Bulgaria
    October 1
    KBS World available via Matrix TV (DTH) in Indonesia
    September 1
    KBS World available via MNBC (DTT) in Mongolia
    May 1
    KBS World available via Starnet (CATV/IPTV) in Moldova and Trolan (IPTV/ OTT) in Ukraine
    March 1
    KBS World available via Elion (IPTV), Telset (DTH) in Estonia
    January 1
    KBS World available via IMTV (DTH) in Indonesia
  • 2013
    February 1
    KBS World available via MEO(Cable,IPTV,DTH), ZON(IPTV) in Portugal
    January 1
    KBS World available via My TV in seven African countries KBS World available via Bis TV(DTH) in Monaco, Andorra
  • 2012
    December 1
    KBS World available in Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives.
    November 1
    KBS World available via STV in Estonia
    October 1
    KBS China launched
    September 3
    KBS World HD conversion (Asia/Africa Region)
  • 2011
    April 1
    KBS World available via CityTelecom (IPTV) in Hong Kong
    January 1
    World available via Indonesia Skynindo (DTH)
  • 2010
    May 1
    KBS World available via new French IPTV (SFR TV)
    January 1
    KBS World available via SkyCable in Philippines
  • 2009
    May 1
    KBS World available as Standard Basic channel in J:COM in Japan
    March 1
    KBS World available via French IPTV Free TV
    January 1
    KBS World available via WMBC, the New York digital TV KBS World available via Cable Union in Columbia
  • 2008
    December 23
    KBS World available via PNCC Cable in Palau
    December 8
    KBS World available via Cox Cable in Orange County, SC, U.S.A
    November 1
    KBS World available in Greece (On TV) & Turkey (Turksat)
    September 1
    KBS World entered VTC (DTT platform) in Vietnam
    May 5
    Chinese subtitles service started. DVB System Adopted
    May 1
    KBS World newly available in Angola & Mozambique
    April 28
    KBS World expanded DTH Service zone
    April 21
    KBS World opened new website
    February 28
    KBS World launched in Indian Market on DD Direct+, the DTH operated by the National Broadcaster Doordarshan
    January 4
    Spanish Subtitles Service for Latin America Started
  • 2007
    December 1
    KBS World newly distributed in the Southern California, U.S.A via Time Warner Cable
    May 1
    KBS World advanced into the Chinese market
    January 20
    KBS World newly distributed in South America via IS-9
  • 2006
    October 1
    KBS Japan made its entry into the basic cable package of the J:COM, the biggest cable provider in Japan
    June 26
    KBS World launched its free satellite service in the Middle East
    April 1
    KBS Japan started the transmission of KBS World through Sky Perfec TV, Japan's largest pay-TV platform provider KBS Japan established
  • 2005
    December 19
    Began to broadcast English News titled <KBS World News Today>
    October 6
    KBS World began its service in the nationwide package of the Echostar
  • 2004
    September 6
    KBS America launched
  • 2003
    July 1
    KBS World Launched
Channel Identity
The meaning of the Logo
Square means the stability and perfection implying that KBS World is a reliable channel. The empty area in the square means stable change expressing that the channel is energetic and flexible. KBS World staffs are going to complete the channel by filling up the empty area with various information, sensations, entertainments and relaxation.
Application of WordMark
We protected the word mark by securing equal space around the letters so that the symbol wouldn't be invaded by other graphic icons and located in the center Let's say the height of word mark is 2A. Then the room neighboring the word mark has to be A.
KBS World Color
Blue symbolizes Korea which is mostly surrounded by ocean. Blue is associated with the color of the cast house, coral blue, meaning serenity and cleanness. We colored half of the empty space of the logo blue and this draws viewer's attention to the logo in the flood of various colors on TV screen.