Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the largest contents provider in Korea.
Why KBS?
Award-winning Documentaries
KBS’ award-winning documentaries always gain attention from international audiences for their relevance and depth. <The Next Human> explored the universal values of mankind while <Backpack Travels> captures people on spiritual pilgrimage on three continents.
Globally Popular Contents
Wholesome and family oriented, KBS weekend dramas are popular with the audience because they deal with current social issues and intricate relationships among ordinary people, which are all topics viewers can relate to. Meanwhile, KBS entertainment and variety shows provide wholesome laughter and fun for both young and old. <Two Days and One Night>, <The Return of Superman> and <Music Bank> remain popular with domestic and international audiences, offering a wide variety of choices and new experiences.
KBS WORLD at the Center of Korean Wave
KBS WORLD is spreading the Korean Wave to audiences around the globe. KBS WORLD TV now reaches 140 million households in 113 countries around the world while KBS WORLD Radio airs in 11 different languages, seeking to strengthen friendly ties and understanding of Korea among people in the global community.
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