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A Beautiful Mind

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20160613
  • Number of Episodes : 14
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Wed 21:50 | Re-run: Tue-Wed 11:50, Wed-Thurs 04:20, 09:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Hyunsung Hospital is the best national hospital with the most advanced medical techniques. Although it is obvious that it is the safest place to be in the country, something mysterious is happening inside the hospital. What is the truth? Who is the criminal? Lee Yeongo is an elite neurosurgeon. He may win recognition from the patients but when he is alone, he feels empty deep in the mind. There is no compassion or emotion for him. Could we think of him as good?


Lee Yeongo (cast: Jang Hyuk)

Lee Yeongo is the most noteworthy neurosurgeon at Hyeonseong Hospital. Even though he is a young doctor, he is well recognized for his abilities. However, even for him, he has a severe pain deep in his mind because he suffers from frontal lobe dysfunction. He is actually a patient.

Gye Jinseong (cast: Park Sodam)

Gye Jinseong works as a traffic policeman. She is a very strong woman who believes doctors should save people and policemen should catch bad people. However, she is not very healthy because she had a heart surgery when she was a child.

Hyeon Seokju (cast: Yoon Hyunmin)

Hyeon Seokju works at the department of cardiothoracic surgery at Hyeonseong Hospital. He is a competent doctor who is excellent in performing a surgery. Not only is he skillful, but he also has a very warm heart. He is the doctor everyone wants.

Kim Minjae (cast: Park Seyoung)

Kim Minjae works at the department of neurology. She is Lee Yeongo's official girlfriend and a good doctor.

Behind the Scenes

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