Sweet Stranger and Me

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20161025
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Wed 21:50 | Re-run: Tue-Wed 11:50, Wed-Thurs 04:20, 09:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


"I want to marry my dad!" A thirty-year-old woman suddenly has a new father who is three years younger than her. She first doesn't trust him much, but as time passes by, she accepts him as a family. This new father is always on her side. He loves her unconditionally. What would happen to them? The whole story is about love in the end. Love wins everything.


Hong Nari (cast: Su Ae)

Nari is not a wannabe flight attendant anymore. Being very susceptible to stress, she frequently shows her two opposite faces. After the loss of her mother, boyfriend or house, she meets a young man at her mother's grave who comes up to her to tell her he's her new father. She starts to grow interests on her new interesting father.

Ko Nangil (cast: Kim Yeonggwang)

Nangil is a young mysterious stepfather. Unlike his good old days, he makes dumplings at a restaurant all day long. To protect his love, he decides to become a stepfather for Nari. He shares everything with her except for one thing.

Kwon Deokbong (cast: Lee Soohyuk)

Deokbong was born into a successful family. He is a perfectionist who has to achieve what he plans to do. To accomplish one of his goals, he needs Hong family's land. In order to do this, he first has to stay close to Hong Nari. However, unlike his original purpose, he starts to fall for her. Although he is a friend to her now, he wants to become her man someday.

Do Yeoju (cast: Cho Boah)

Yeoju is the friend of Nari. They are not really friends, though. With her good looking face, she spends all her efforts on picking up men. She even stole Nari's boyfriend. From this start, her life continues to get into trouble.

Behind the Scenes

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