First Love Again

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20161205
  • Number of Episodes : 100
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 19:40 | Re-run: Tue-Sat 8:00, 15:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


There is a man who is trapped in the memories of his first love. Although they are not together anymore, he tries to get her back. Thinking about her, he recalls how much he loved her.


Lee Hajin (cast: Myeong Sebin)

If it's for herself and her family, she can do anything. She looks weak, but she's actually very strong inside. It's only herself who's not aware of her great potential. Due to her girlish mother, she started to earn a living to support her family. No matter how hard her life is, she is happy though because she is with Doyun. But, as Minhui comes into their life, things are not just like old times.

Cha Doyun (cast: Kim Seungsu)

Doyun is cold like ice. He has two different sides. If it's for his people, he's willing to sacrifice himself. However, if it's not, he's curiously detached. To him, he has a lover whom he stayed with since they were very young. It's Hajin. Despite their love, they have to be crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet because their families are enemies.

Baek Minhui (cast: Wang Bitna)

Minhui is a woman who's innately beautiful and elegant. It's true that she thinks very highly of herself. Also, she can do anything to have what she wants. Although Jeongu, her first love, leaves her, she quickly lets go of him. That's the kind of person she is. Nevertheless, she finds out that she's pregnant!

Choi Jeongu (cast: Park Jeongcheol)

Jeongu is the ex-boyfriend of Minhui. He's an easy going man with good manners. To speak more clearly, he's a perfect man in terms of external qualities. His gentle smile is, in fact, to hide his cold, calculating character. Where does his knife point at?



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