My Golden Life

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20170909
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Sat-Sun 21:20 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 03:50 l Sat 11:50 l Wed 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A woman has a chance to climb up in social status, but she ends up falling into a bottomless pit instead. She tries to seek happiness from where she is.


Seo Jian (cast: Shin Hae Sun)

She is on a two-year contract with the marketing team of Haeseong Group. Before her father went bankrupt 10 years ago, she used to be the original 'girl crush.' Everyone admired her competitive spirit and cheerful personality. Now she only dreams of being a full-time employee of the Haeseong Group. When that dream is shattered by a friend, she hits the bottom of her life. Then, like a miracle, she gets a chance to reverse her life as the daughter of Haeseong Group. She chooses to take the silver spoon and live a glamorous life. But unexpected challenges are waiting for her.

Choi Dogyeong (cast: Park Si Hoo)

He is the only heir to Haeseong Group and the head of Strategic Planning Team. He is a third generation chaebol who has returned from the USA after finishing his MBA. He is a gentleman with admirable physique and elegance. He takes pride in the fact that he practices Noblisse Oblige unlike other chaebols who like to power trip. When the "perpetrator" of a car accident, Seo Jian, is revealed to be his younger sister, 'Choi Eunseok,' his life takes a new turn.

Seon Uhyeok (cast: Lee Taehwan)

He is Jian's high school friend. With a major in interior design, he runs a DIY furniture shopping mall. He has a cheerful and feisty personality, but he also has a cranky side and his likes and dislike are very clear. Ever since he fell in love with Jian at first sight in high school, he has had a crush on her. He does not realize that Jisu, who has a crush on him, is Jian's twin sister.

Seo Jisu (cast: Seo Eunsu)

After graduating from vocational college, she has been making a living as a part-timer for years. She is without a worry in the world. Since she loves bread so much, she gets a job at a local bakery. Without knowing the relationship between her sister Jian and Manager Seon, she has a secret crush on Manager Seon. When her one and only twin sister enters the chaebol family, she learns the secret behind her birth and becomes confused.

Seo Taesu (cast: Chon Hojin)

Taesu has been the breadwinner for his family for his entire life. He used to have a successful life as a self-made man, but after going bankrupt, he has been working as a day laborer.

Yang Mijeong (cast: Kim Hyeok)

She thought she would live as a housewife without ever having to get her hands dirty. Her pride is battered with her husband Taesu's bankruptcy. Reality makes her feel miserable. She prays that her daughter Jian, who enters a chaebol family, does not end up like her.

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