Marry Me Now

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld :
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Sat-Sun 21:20 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 3:50, Wed 11:50 l Sat-Sun 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


The four sons and daughters of master shoemaker Hyoseop were raised without a mother until one day, they meet their stepmother, who is a millionaire! This family romance drama portrays the meaning of family through the love and war in the parents' generation and children's generation.


Park Yuha (cast. Han Ji Hye)

She is Hyoseop's second daughter. She is a rational woman with a passionate heart. Whereas the eldest daughter Seonha looked after the siblings like a mother, Yuha was the type who would give her younger siblings a lesson. The fact that she got into medical school made her the pride and joy of the family. When she got married to Seongun, a millionaire's son, she was called a Cinderella and became the envy of many women. Although Seongun made her forgo her dream of becoming a doctor, she still loved him. As time went by, she found herself gradually becoming a woman befitting a member of Seongun's family. As she did for Seongun, she starts to endure everything for her lovely daughter Eunsu.

Jeong Euntae (Lee Sang Woo)

He's an internist at Jahan Hospital. He is a cranky doctor who takes the lead in going on voluntary medical service abroad. He may be a rogue, but he's the finest doctor. People call him an arrogant, rude and unruly "mad dog," but he doesn't mind it at all because thank to this nickname, no other doctor would try to get on his nerves. Surprisingly, he is the most caring brother and uncle to his older sister and his niece, and he's as generous as a saint to his patients. His late father was in the forefront of overseas medical services. Back then, he resented his father for being neglectful of his family while he was busy taking care of his patients. But when he followed his father's footsteps and served in Africa, at last he came to understand his father. But as a side effect, he decided not to get married. Dating is fine, but forget marriage. He doesn't want to hurt his family like his father did. He would commit to practicing medicine for his entire life. After serving in Africa for several years, he returns to Korea when his brother-in-law, who is the director of Jahan Hospital, calls for help.

Park Hyoseop (cast. Yoo Dong Kun)

He is a master shoemaker and owner of a handmade shoe store. At the same time, he is a compassionate father of four children. This man of perseverance has been making handmade shoes for several decades at the same spot. Ever since his wife passed away, he has been sacrificing his life for his children, who mean the world to him along with shoes. However, wind suddenly starts blowing in his peaceful life. He had wished that his eldest daughter would marry a reliable man, but she brings a younger boyfriend as a potential spouse. His town, where he's been living all his life, becomes target of redevelopment. On top of all, his first love, Miyeon, shows up after 36 years, just like a storm. And she's no ordinary woman. She's a proud building owner.

Lee Miyeon (cast. Jang Mihui)

She is a woman of overbearing haughtiness. But she's also a majestic and elegant landlord. She is arrogant, but she behaves with common decency. She is rude, but she keeps it within bounds. She makes poignant remarks, but she only says the right things. That's why even her audacity and evil tongue seem to make her more charming. Every single investment she makes hits the jackpot, and everything prospers with her. Nevertheless, her life was not without a few bumps on the road. After her husband ran off overseas when his company went bankrupt, she started from the bottom and kept on rolling until she came to own a building. Although she is enjoying a glamorous single life, she feels empty inside somehow. To recollect the happiest time of her life, she decides to restore the house in which she lived with her father in her twenties. Then she comes across Hyoseop, her first love and object of her hatred.

Behind the Scenes

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