Mysterious Personal Shopper

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld :
  • Number of Episodes : 100
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 19:40 | Re-run: Tue-Sat 08:00, 15:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Centered around the fashion tycoon President Eun's family, the mystery hidden inside the mansion is unveiled in an unpredictable way through the relationships and feuds between various people.


Geum Yeongsuk (cast. Choi MyungGil)

She is Seyeon's mother. This tender-hearted woman expresses her deep affection for her family with actions rather than with words. She is the backbone of the family. Her family, who trust and follow her unconditionally, could never imagine that she is leading a double life. She works as a housekeeper at President Eun's mansion. Either to President Eun or to the staff working under her, she never speaks what's in the back of her mind and seldom shows her emotions. She keeps a shocking secret.

Hong Seyeon (cast. Park HaNa)

During the day, she works at a luxury goods store and has been the outstanding employee for 3 consecutive years. During the night, she is an aspiring designer. She has a strong affection for her mother who went through all sorts of hardships to raise her. When her mother remarried when she was 7 years old, she was finally able to have a whole family of her dreams. However, when she was about to graduate from high school, her stepfather's business failed and her family went broke. From then on she had to share the burden for her parents. Then one day, she meets shopping addict Eun Gyeonghye who is notorious for storming through the luxury goods stores

Eun Gyeonghye (cast. Wang BitNa)

She is the granddaughter of President Eun, owner of Korean fashion brand 'Winners Group.' Unfortunately, she suffers from impulse control disorder, shopping addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder and neurosis and is secretly being treated by a psychiatrist. She doesn't know her parents' faces. Not only she doesn't remember them, but there are no pictures left of them. As a girl, she learned the rumor that her grandfather kicked her father out because he got married against his wishes and that her parents perished in poverty. From that day, she was always afraid and anxious that the same thing could happen to her despite her grandfather's affection for her. She decided to get married to Myeonghwan because he was different from her grandfather. Myeonghwan embraced her with love no matter what she did. However, he completely changed not even a year after their marriage. He mocked, insulted and bullied her. Helpless and lethargic, she was living under his thumb. But after she meets Hong Seyeon, she starts to change dramatically.

Jang Myeonghwan (cast. Han Sangjin)

He was the youngest to pass the bar exam. He rose from a humble background. He gets promoted super-fast in the legal team of Winners Group. He met Gyeonghye at a volunteering event, and he desperately wanted to have her. With his persistent efforts to win her heart, he finally marries her. However, after the marriage, he learns that Gyeonghye might look splendid from the outside, but she carries no warmness in her. Moreover, when he finds out that President Eun made him the CEO only for the sake of Gyeonghye, not because he recognized his abilities, he vows to take revenge. At last, President Eun believes that Gyeonghye is suffering an irreparable mental illness. The dream of becoming the successor of Winners Group is so near...but that's when he meets a dark horse called Hong Seyeon.

Lee Jaejun (cast. Lee EunHyung)

He is the chief secretary of Winners Group, shrouded in mystery. Quiet as a shadow and omnipresent as a ghost, he takes care of nettlesome matters that happen in President Eun's family. Underneath his polite attitude and calm voice, he hides his aggression and bestiality. He enjoys the full confidence of President Eun to the point that he is entrusted with looking after his granddaughter Gyeonghye. However, no one knows the real reason why he came to Winners.



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