Office Watch Season 2

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20180302
  • Number of Episodes : 8
  • Runtime : 10'
  • Showtime : Fri 19:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Ji Hyun was proud to be the only employee who was good at playing office politics, until her rival Hye In, who outclasses her in every way, joins the company to work on a short-term project. Assistant Manager Park Seong Eun is glad to have Hye In in her team because there's finally someone who can drive Ji Hyun nuts. However, it looks like Hye In has feelings for her boyfriend Jin Ho?! As a result, Ji Hyun and Seong Eun form a new alliance to drive out the fox that has invaded their team.


Kim Ji Hyun / Team Leader(cast. Jin So Yeon)

She's got the marketing team in the palm of her hand. They say tears are a woman's weapon, and that's the only thing she needed to have the marketing team under her thumb. She is a woman who wants to be the center of attention, especially attention from men. She uses every means to play office politics to achieve her goals. Be that as it may, she is not that brilliant. Her best skill is freeloading, and she gives away her ignorance by speaking broken English. One day, Hye In, a new project manager who outclasses her in looks, performance and even social skills, joins the team. That's when Ji Hyun's peaceful office life starts to crumble.

Lee Hye In / Project Manager (cast. Han Seo Jin)

She is competent, beautiful and has a great track record. She carries the joy of doing what she likes and the pride of being good at it. She's not afraid to change jobs since she is confident. Due to the nature of her temporary position as a "project manager," she can't help being thought of as an intruder. Her new company is no exception. The team leader freeloads, and the assistant manager works hard but has a red-tape mind. She feels drawn to Bin Jin ho, the only person in the team who is nice to her. Although she knows that Jin Ho is dating Seung Eun, it's impossible to suppress her heart. She's just doing her best to survive.

Park Seung Eun / Assistant Manager (cast. Cho So Bin)

She has never gotten into trouble in her school years, and she is naively honest by nature. She gets caught up in Ji Hyun's office politics and gets scolded by Senior Director Byun all the time. But things have improved thanks to Bin Jin Ho, the vitamin of her life. He may not be able to repel the villains Senior Director Byun or Team Leader Kim, but he gives her chocolates and coffee whenever she's in a bad mood. Then hell breaks loose when the newcomer Hye In shows interest in her boyfriend, Jin Ho. Unfortunately, she is not bold enough to tell Hye In to stop hitting on her boyfriend. Then Ji Hyun offers to help her. Seung Eun and Ji Hyun form a strange alliance against a common enemy.

Lee Sa Ra / Assistant Manager (cast. Baik Soo Hee)

She is a cold, haughty and chic modern woman with an unapproachable aura. However, she hides a painful memory behind her impregnable personality. She was a victim of sexual harassment at work, a trauma that will torment her for the rest of her life. Only in front of her delicate boyfriend Kyung Jun, she is able to loosen up a bit. She is the employee with the most objective view of the company. She knows that Seung Eun can never beat Ji Hyun. She also knows how stupid Ji Hyun is. Her only flaw is that she has never dated anyone other than Kyung Jun. She becomes close to the delivery man, who asks for her help because he has a crush on Ji Hyun. But she doesn't tell these things to Kyung Jun, which makes him sad. Sa Ra just doesn't understand why Kyung Jun is sad over such a thing.

Kim Kyung Jun (cast. Kim Kyung Bo)

He is a man with a delicate and warm heart who is able to see through Sa Ra, who pretends to be a perfectionist. He looks after Sa Ra quietly, and he understands Sa Ra the best. In the company, he plays the role of a smiling jerk that acts unaware. He's good at annoying Team Leader Kim with that silly smile of his. He is very quick-witted, so he is knows very well that Sa Ra is not cheating on him with the delivery man. But he just wishes Sa Ra would open up to him first. Despite the fact that he is crazily in love with Sa Ra, he thinks that they need to take a break to think about their relationship.

Bin Jin Ho (cast. Sin Woo Cheol)

He is dense and slow to pick up the mood. But his single-minded devotion for Seung Eun is beyond question. He used to be like a teddy bear, but when he learned that Seung Eun likes good-looking guys, he went on an intense diet and lost a lot of weight. His appearance may have changed, but he is still the same slow-witted and kind-hearted Jin Ho. He does not have the faintest inkling of Hye In's feelings for him. Even when others tell him about it, he laughs it off.

Byun Jung Min / Senior Director (cast. Kim Sung Gon)

He may be a romantic husband to his wife, but he is an incompetent and slow-witted boss at work. He used to be under Ji Hyun's thumb, and now he is totally enchanted by Hye In. Even though he is a romanticist himself, he holds an unfavorable view of office romances.

Delivery man (Kim Yeong Dae)

He is a handsome delivery man who delivers parcels to the office. He has a crush on Ji Hyun, so he seeks out help from Sa Ra.

Behind the Scenes

'Office Watch Season 2' Premieres tonight!
The new season of 'Office Watch' is full of intense drama and charming characters! Kim Ji Hyun is the team leader of the marketing team. She's got the marketing team in the palm of ...



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