Matrimonial Chaos

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20181009
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Wed 21:50 |Re-run: Tue 12:00, Wed-Thu 03:20, 09:20, Sat 12:00, 22:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Is marriage really the completion to love? This romantic comedy drama begins with this question and defines the difference in thought between men and women about love, marriage and family.


Jo Seokmu (cast. Cha Tae Hyun)

He is sensitive and hard-to-please. He dislikes crowded places, places that people love, and trends that people follow. He likes to read Dostoevsky and watch classic European films. He is a neat freak, and he can't stand company get-togethers. He just wants to quietly enjoy a cup of coffee with a piece of Nagasaki Castella while reading a book next to his cat. He did some music back in college, but he gave it up for some reason. At times when he looks back at his life, he thinks that there may have been another way, that this isn't the right way. Marriage is one of those things. After getting married to Hwiru, he realized that she and he sit at the opposite ends in everything from A to Z. Marriage is a never-ending torture and lifelong play to him. He is afraid that his hollow life might come to an end after endless sighs and nitpicking.

Kang Hwiru (cast. Bae Doona)

She was born with a carefree and positive attitude, so she always carries a smile on her face. She runs a guesthouse on the second floor of her house and works as an assistant P.E. teacher to earn her pocket money. Not only she is brave, easy-going and healthy, but she's a bit nosy, messy and clumsy as well. For example, she would just take the scissors from the kitchen sink to cut kimchi, or she would splash water all over the place while brushing her teeth. Her divorce with Seokmu traces back to, really, a piece of Nagasaki Castella. But is that the real reason?

Jin Yuyeong (cast. EL)

She dated Seokmu in college. She might seem like an introverted person, but she is actually a wiry and straightforward person who knows how to stand her position. She learned that "love is something you fall into instead of doing" through Janghyeon, a man with a free spirit, and has been maintaining a unique form of marriage with him. From Seokmu's perspective, Yuyeong is on the opposite extreme of Hwiru. While Hwiru gives him a sense of reassurance because she is so understanding, Yuyeong worries him because she seems insecure and unstable.

Lee Janghyeon (cast. Son Sukku)

It's hard to grasp what he's thinking, or whether he is thinking at all. You might call him a typical mojo man or bad boy, but those words can't describe him quite right. Although he's not interested in others, he has a peculiar aura that draws people, and he has an innocent side that arouses women's maternal instinct. He is an art instructor, and he is popular among students as well. Marriage seems like the last thing he'd want, but surprisingly, he accepted Yuyeong's offer of marriage, and they have been living happily in their own way.

Behind the Scenes

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