Feel Good To Die

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20181102
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Thu-Fri 23:00|Re-run :Thu-Sat 12:00, Fri-Sat 04:20, Sun 22:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Lee Ruda tries to reform her tyrannical boss Baek Jinsang to become a new and better man. Because the boss has such a terrible personality, all of his subordinates including Ruda despise him. One day, Ruda is so mad at him that she hopes he dies already. When he gets hit by a truck and dies, she blames herself and wishes that it would all be a dream. The next morning, she wakes up and learns that she has been caught up in a time rift, and her battle to bring her boss back to life begins.


Baek Jinsang (cast. Kang Jihwan)

He is the worst type of boss that everyone wishes would just die. He received full scholarship from a prestigious university and entered MW Chicken, the best chicken franchise company in the industry, as the top among his colleagues. He has never missed the first place in his whole life. He is also number 1 in his company for having no filter when he speaks. He has no intention of cleaning up his language no matter how offensive it may be, and he does not feel guilty at all. He has lived his whole life as a man of principle. He even reported his school's principal for throwing trash in the schoolyard. People might throw rocks at him for his rigid and holier-than-thou attitude, but he does not care a dime because he believes he is right.

Lee Ruda (cast. Baek Jin Hee)

She was often teased, compared with others, and ignored as a child. From that experience, she has come to believe that nothing good comes from standing out, so she pursues a tranquil life. But one day, she runs into an unexpected obstacle. For some unknown reason, she gets stuck in the same day that repeats every day. Through experiments, she figures out that she needs to reform her boss Baek Jinsang in order to proceed to the next day. So she starts following him around to prevent him from committing atrocious acts inside the company. While doing that, she involuntarily becomes a heroine who redresses the injustices of the world.

Kang Junho (cast. Gong-Myoung)

His noble look, luxurious fashion style, and friendly and easy-going attitude have made him a star in the company. He is able work in such a relaxed manner because his grandfather is the founder of MW Food, the parent company of MW Chicken. His grandfather promised to grant his wish if he completes one year as a rank-and-file employee. Company? Camaraderie? Love? He did not want any of those. He was just wasting his life away until he got to know a woman. Lee Ruda, a mere employee, fights back against Baek Jinsang, who is notorious for his foul mouth and dogged principles. What makes her so brave? How far can she go? As his curiosity about her grows bigger and bigger, he wants to see her from close and protect her. He starts to see things that can't be bought with money.

Choi Minju (cast. Ryu Hyun Kyung)

She had a shotgun wedding because she got pregnant after graduating from college. She had to look for a job while she was pregnant. When she finally got a job, she had to suppress her morning sickness with cold coffee because she didn't want to be a bother to others. She thinks the stress she got from those days made her first daughter smaller and weaker than her peers, and it breaks her heart. She is a warmhearted, generous and cool woman, but it was not easy for her to lean on her colleagues, especially on Lee Ruda. For some reason, although they sit next to each other in the office, she did not feel comfortable around her. Then strange events turn Ruda from an okay colleague into a close ally.

Behind the Scenes

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