It's My Life

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20181112
  • Number of Episodes : 120
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 20:45 | Re-run : Tue-Sat 04:00, 09:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


An ordinary young man from the countryside refuses to settle for the present and tries to carve out his own way to success.


Yang Namjin (cast. Park Yunjae)

He is the CEO of a tiny staffing firm in a fishing village. He has a strong will and optimistic mind. He is respectful to the elderly, and he is always willing to help out others. He works ferociously hard in order to make two women happy. They are his mother who raised him and his first love Jina. However, one day he awakes to find that he is a family member of the owner of a conglomerate. A turbulent road to reach the top of Hyeongang Group lies before him. In his battle against his own fate, will he be able to achieve both his love and dream?

Han Seungju (cast. Seo Hyo Rim)

She is the only daughter of Han Manseok, the CEO of Minhan Inc. She has a wild and free spirit. Not only she grew up in loneliness after losing her mother, but when she returns after studying abroad, everything is a mess. Her father is dead gone on a woman who is obviously a gold digger, and she is being forced to marry Choi Siu, the grandson of Hyeongang group. Meanwhile, a man called Yang Namjin walks into her life like fate. They fight every time they run into each other, but
they grow quite attached to each other. She makes up her mind to find her true love and future on her own.

Choi Siu (cast. Kang Taeseong)

He is the grandson of Hyeongang Group's owner and a hotshot in the fashion industry. This cold-blooded and charismatic man overpowers those around him. Due to his elite upbringing, he appears to be a cultivated gentleman, but he seldom reveals his feelings. This is because his mother taught him not to show his hand to his opponents. Being an illegitimate son, he never got love and recognition from his grandfather. He believes that acquiring more power is the way to protect his mother. He is set on removing all traces of his grandfather the day he holds Hyeongang Group in his grip. Surprisingly, a woman comes to his bloodless heart like a warm spring. Between Hyeongang Group and his mother, and between love and power, he has to make a choice.

Jeong Jina (cast. Jin Yesol)

She is a childhood friend and first love of of Namjin. Throughout her childhood, she struggled in poverty under her sickly father and incompetent mother. The ray of sunshine in her deprived childhood was Namjin, who was kind and warmhearted. She studied hard and worked all kinds of part-time jobs to become a fashion designer of her dreams. After graduating from college, she got a job in a small clothing company, but it ends up shutting down. When she returns to her hometown, she is frustrated to face her ill father, a mountain of debt, and an unwanted arranged marriage. She defies her fate that comes back to haunt her no matter how hard she tries.

Behind the Scenes

Seo Hyo Rim turns into a chic fashion designer in new drama 'It's My Life'
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