The Miracle We Met

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20181203
  • Number of Episodes : 18
  • Runtime : '
  • Showtime :


An ordinary man dies in a car crash, but his spirit awakes inside another man with the same name and age but an entirely different background. He becomes the head of two families and agonizes over his two different wives.


A Song Hyeoncheol (cast. Kim Myung Min)

He graduated from a prestigious university and became the youngest ever manager of Shinhwa Bank Branch. There is no doubt that he's on the fast track to becoming the youngest president of the bank. He is a success oriented perfectionist who can turn the lowest performing branch into the nation's highest performing branch. In his family, he is an emotionless and selfish husband and father who takes his wife's devotion as granted. Even worse, he had been shamelessly cheating on her. But even he is powerless at the hands of fate, and he has to succumb to his fate. He ends his life at age 42, but for some reason his body stays on earth. Another guy also named Song Hyeoncheol awakes inside his body and lives the rest of his life for him. Is he dead or is he alive?

B Song Hyeoncheol (cast. Go Chang Suk)

We need to focus on B Song Hyeonchel's soul rather than his physical appearance because his body is cremated in the beginning of the drama and will never be seen again. He met his wife back in high school at a blind date. He loved her, got married to her and had a child with her. That was it of his life. He was a faithful head of the family, a kind son who respected his father who had raised him all by himself, a loving husband and an awesome dad. He started out as a delivery guy of a Chinese restaurant and now has become an owner of one. His life couldn't get any better. But one day, he learns that there's a loan that he never got, and he gets involved in a mysterious car accident. It was a minor one, but he's dead. Or at least his physical body is gone. There has been a mistake, and he died instead of the bank branch manager Song Hyeonchel who has the same name and birth date as him. He gets sent back to earth right away, but it's too late because his body had already been cremated. He has no choice but to rent another person's body. His name is Song Hyeoncheol, and he was born on the same date. He becomes the head of two families. He slowly feels attracted to Hyejin, and for the first time, he has a desire to protect a woman other than his wife. Will another miracle happen to him?

Seon Hyejin (cast. Kim Hyun Ju)

She is Branch Manager Song Hyeoncheol's wife. It may look like she has everything, including a successful husband, a handsome son, a smart daughter and a rich mother-in-law. However, for years she and her husband have been a couple in name only. Her husband does not think of her as a woman anymore, so she decides to do the same. She has had enough. Divorce is the only choice she has left. In order to do that, she has to be financially independent. She works at a customer service center, and the new CEO, Geum Seongmu, recognizes her ability. She slowly starts to have feelings for him. But she is thrown off after her husband awakes from an accident because he behaves like a different man. He is friendly, kind, and above all, the way he looks at her has changed. He acts just like when he fell in love with her at first sight 16 years ago. Hyejin's heart starts beating for her husband once again.

Jo Yeonhwa (Cast. Ra Mi Ran)

She wasn't exactly a model student in high school. She met her husband back then and got married to him right after graduating from high school. Her one and only daughter is the apple of her eye. It was her who suggested to her husband that they live with her father-in-law who had been living alone in the countryside. They were poor, yet they were a happy family. When her husband took over a Chinese restaurant, she thought she saw a silver lining. But that's where life really started to get twisted. Their restaurant is implicated in illegal loan, and they are in danger of losing it. Her husband gets in a mysterious car accident while trying to settle the matter and is hospitalized. He seemed to be recovering steadily, but he suddenly passes away. But one day, a strange man appears and claims to be her late husband's friend and offers to help. He has the same name as her husband. Something's fishy about him. He knows about her husband like the back of his hand. She slowly starts to rely on him. One day, something happens that makes her realize by instinct that he is indeed her husband. Will she get her husband back?