I Wanna Hear Your Song

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20190806
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Tue-Wed 22:10 | Re-run : Wed-Thu 05:05, 12:50, Sat 22:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A romantic comedy which is about a timpanist witnessing a murder case but cannot remember anything about what happened. With the help from a mysterious guy, she attempts to recover her memories from that day.


Jang Yun (cast. Yeon Woojin)

His real name is Jang Dohun. 1 year ago, his brother died from a suspicious accident after orchestra practice, on the day tested he wants to introduce someone. Dohun knew who is the person his brother wanted to introduce. It was Yiyoung, his brother's lover. After the brother's death, Yiyoung is the key to solve all the mysteries related to the death. He is now trying to approach her as it's a confidence and dig out the secrets that lie in her lost memories...

Hong Yiyoung (cast. Kim Sejeong)

Yiyoung lost her memories and suffer from insomnia after the car accident 1 year ago. Her only solution to this insomnia is the song of a tone deaf. One day she encounters mysterious guy Jang Yun. As Yun is horribly bad at singing, she hires Yun as an 'evening caller.' A few days later, she finds out that Yun entered the orchestra where she is the Timpanist as a guest pianist. And now, Yun is her neighbor. She is suspicious about the guy who keeps appearing around her...

Nam Juwan (cast. Song Jaelim)

He is Yiyoung's college crush and a composer full of artistic mind. To Yiyoung, Juwan is like a star that is beyond her reach but actually Juwan is paying attention to Yiyoung. He knew that she is preparing for his orchestra audition and even when Yiyoung made a huge mistake, he let her pass the audition as a sub-timpanist. As they met again as a composer and a timpanist, they get closer and start to feel romance. However, for some reason, Juwan is afraid of Yiyoung's memory coming back.

Ha Eunju (cast. Park Jiyeon)

Yiyoung's college friend, she is hot and cool, every man's dream girl. As she is a professional romance queen, she never cares whether her target has a girlfriend or not. She ends up seducing Yiyoung's boyfriend Jaehyung but still shameless. But from her college life, she had someone in her heart. It's Juwan. She thinks that she is the only one who knows Juwan's true self that is hidden under his charms and gifted talent. She knows she can sell her soul to the devil to get Juwan...

Behind the Scenes

"Idol Actress" Sejeong on KBS Drama [I Wanna Hear Your Voice]
A member of IOI and Gugudan, Kim Sejeong, is on KBS drama "I Wanna Hear Your Voice."