Gracious Revenge

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 20191111
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 21:35 | Re-run : Tue-Sat 04:25, 10:50, Sun 01:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A story of a woman who was raised as a tool for her mother's revenge and her dangerous love life will be introduced.


Jung Mi-ae (Cha Mi-yeon, Carry Jung) / Cast : Choi Myung-gil

She is current chair of NOW foundation. She is called ‘Carry Jung’ and she holds all the powers of business moguls of Korea.

Han Yu-jin(Janice) / Cast : Cha Ye-ryun

She was kidnapped as a baby by Mi-yeon and raised for one purpose. Revenge. After 30 years, she is back to Korea to make revenge on behalf of Mi-yeon, who she thinks is mother.

Goo Hae-jun / Cast : Kim Heung-soo

He is raised in love of his mother Youn-gyung and became a great heir of J cosmetics. He engages Sera the daughter of Eun-ha for the good of his family.

Hong Se-ra / Cast : Baek Seung-hee

Daughter of Seo Eun-ha and chairman Hong. When Sera was born, her parents lost her sister Yu-jin. Because of that, her mother couldn’t give her whole love, and because of this, Sera hated her sister who she has never seen.



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