Melody of Love

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2013.11.20
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 08:20pm | Tue-Sat 05:20am (Seoul, UTC+9)


People in their twenties are still young and immature in terms of their career or love life. It's the transition period from the adolescence to the adulthood. People in their twenties mature as adult through emotional chaos and most of them are under the quest of finding love. Story of young adults who are full of passion for love and their dreams sympathizes with the viewers.


Gong Deul Im(Cast: Kim Da Som)

“I can put on a strip show in front of public and I can jog in the rain. I can do anything!” An aspiring musical actress. She longs for being on a stage and does not care if she plays a small part. Although she is a ugly duckling at home, she tries hard to come true her dream.

Park Hyeon Woo(Cast: Baek Seong Hyeon)

“Being on a stage is my dream and my first love.” A lawyer. He used to dream of being a musical actor, but he gives up his dream to be recognized by his father and becomes a lawyer. His first love and dream of being on the stage come at the same time to his meaningless life.

Gong Soo Im(Hwang Seon Hui)

“It’s like a war everyday and Hyeon Woo is the only refuge for me.” A lawyer. Judging from her appearance, she looks like a stuck-up woman. But, she is a good daughter helping her family paying debt and takes care of her younger sister. She will be more than happy when she finds her love.

Han Tae Kyeong(Cast: Kim Hyeong Joon)

“I’ve been here all along one step back from you.” A musical director. He used to dream of being an musical actor, but he hurts his vocal cords after the accident and becomes a director. Although he is a charismatic director, only directing a new creative play, he becomes as gentle as a lamb in front of the woman he loves. Now he starts to move forward to her.

Yoon Sang Hyeon(Cast: Kwak Hui Seong)

“I feel my love and my ambition from instinct!” Hyeon Woo’s cousin, the manager of investment company on art performance. He is such a calculating person, but he is also cool and charismatic. When he is with her, he feels like he can achieve anything. Now he starts to get closer to her.

Behind the Scenes

Taekyung and Suim to go on a honeymoon [Melody of Love]
The couple to wear a pair look. They are just meant to be each other. We wish you all the best in you marriage!  [Melody of Love] The drama about young adults who are full of passi...
Taekyung and Suim’s beautiful wedding [Melody of Love]
Suim to wear a beautiful wedding dress [Melody of Love]



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