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Inspiring Generation

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.01.29
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Wed-Thu 10:00pm | Thu-Fri 04:10am (Seoul,UTC+9)


A fantasy entertainment drama about young fighters in the 1930's glamorous Shanghai, China, who struggle between love, faith, and friendship.

1. Romantic Noir

'Inspiring Generation' is more like a Shanghai Noir, not like a Hongkong Noir.
Simple and intense actions, adventures, and love stories will be unfolded with colorful background of Shanghai. In addition, confrontation and friendship of young fighters from Korea, China, Japan will add conflict and excitement to the story as if it is a proxy war of each country.

2. Intense Love Story

Well-made intense and touching melo lines among the characters will present a chic drama plot line reflecting at this point in time.

3. New, Charming Characters with Various Episodes

Characterful and charming individuals and relationships among them will make viewers to concentrate to the story, and a full of episodes that interesting and strong characters are introducing, will be enjoyable additions and will produce a face-paced, simple, and energetic drama.


Shin Jeongtae (Cast Kim Hyun Joong)

A fighter who is fast and swift as much as Hakari Express. When Jeongtae was 10 years old, his mother Jeongok passed away waiting for Jeongtae’s father who left the family. He becomes a smuggler for his sister’s illness and by the irony of fate he wanders across China from then on. And there is Gaya in the center of his life who becomes an enemy, his first love. Then, Jeongtae becomes a hero and the best fighter of the century through Shinuiju, Dandong, and Shanghai.

Dekuchi Gaya (Cast Lim Soo Hyang)

A granddaughter of Denkai, the boss of Ilkukhui and its successor, also who was born between Korean father and Japanese mother. She lost her father by Jeongtae’s father Shin Youngchool and lives a life for revenge with anger deep down in her heart. She extends her influence to know the secret regarding her mother’s death and to take revenge for her father, under Denkai’s ambition. To fulfill her ambition, she needs to get rid of Jeongtae, the boss of Bangsamtong. For Gaya, Jeongtae is not only her first love, but also an target for revenge.

Kim Okryeon (Cast Jin Se Yeon)

A would-be singer. She eventually becomes a famous singer in Shanghai. Okryeon takes care of Jeongtae and Jeongtae’s sick sister CheongA just as a family. She has always been next to Jeongtae, but hurts her feeling when she realizes Jeongtae’s feelings for Gaya. Suok, who works with Kyungsung Record, casts Okryeon and she becomes a famous singer in Shanghai. Her feelings are shaken between Suok and her first love Jeongtae.

Behind the Scenes

Romantic action noir drama and its the final episode [Inspiring Generation]
Kim Hyunjoong to have a final fight against Jeong Hobin [Inspiring Generation]
Kim Hyunjoong and Lim Soohyang’s mournful kiss [Inspiring Generation]



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