Angel's Revenge

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.01.20
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 09:30am | 04:20pm (Seoul, UTC+9)


"A woman who wanted to live a life of nun holds a dagger of revenge for her beloved sister!" There is a woman who thinks she shouldn't have been born. Seonyoo was born at a cost of her mother's death and her illnesses cost her family endless medical bills. She thought of herself low and she hated herself. Seonyoo learned to love through her beloved sister, Jinyoo and she finally decides to become a nun. But Jinyoo dies because of love. Jinyoo's lover, Taejeong betrays Jinyoo and he kills her. Seonyoo decides to take revenge and becomes a sister-in-law of Taejeong. Seonyoo's husband, Jiseok is at a risk of losing inherited family business to Taejeong and his sister Jihui, since Jiseok is a son of the second wife. This is a story of a woman with a double life. Lee Seonyoo wears a mask of devil in front of Taejeong but she takes off the mask in front of her family. She hides the dagger of revenge and the angel wings at the same time.


Lee Seon Yoo(Cast: Yoon Soi)

A nun to be, waiting for perpetual profession. She chooses a life of sharing for children in unprevilged countries, but she gives up to take revenge for her sister Lee Jinyoo and becomes a sister-in-law of Taejeong, who betrays and leaves Jinyoo to die. She hides the dagger of revenge and the angel wings at the same time.

Jang Tae Jeong(Cast: Park Jeong Cheol)

When he decides to do something, he does it whatever it takes. Born from a single mother, he is offered to join L Food company by a great deal of efforts and dates a granddaughter of CEO, Jihui betraying his pregnant girlfriend, Jinyoo. Then he decides to get rid of Jinyoo, who becomes an obstacle in his success, and gets married to Jihui.

Seo Ji Hui(Cast: Moon Bo Ryeong)

An ambitious woman of L Food company. She is the only lawful daughter and a worthy successor of L Food. There is nothing she cannot get and she has nothing to be afraid of. However, Jihui starts to falter after falling in love with this arrogant man, Taejeong. Will she be able to forgive Taejeong's ugly history?

Seo Ji Seok(Cast: Kwon Yool)

A grandson of L Food company's CEO. He is the only son but also a son of the second wife of Jihui's father, who passed away. Therefore, being discriminated by Jihui's mother, Jiseok, who used to be a playboy, becomes a reliable man assisting family's business after meeting Seonyoo. But, he realises that Seonyoo uses him for her revenge after getting married to her.

Behind the Scenes

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A woman with a Double Life. [Angel’s Revenge]
Angel holds a Dagger of Revenge [Angel’s Revenge]



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