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Beyond the Clouds

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.03.03
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : '
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In the night of a glamorous jewel exhibition opening in Bangkok, a gun shot rings out. A young man and a young woman, who are reaching toward climax of life, are facing critically each other across the gun shot. Han Youngwon loses her fiance during the shot and Jung Sero is the one who is blamed for murdering Youngwon's fiance. Five years later, Sero, who has got a new life with a new name, and Youngwon, a cold-hearted meet again. Those two seems to have crossed the Rubicon, but Sero floats his boat with an intense feeling of 'revenge'. Believing that at the end of the Rubicon, there will be the 'Doom' of those two who have destroyed his life, Han Youngwon and her jewelry brand, Belle la Fair. However, at the end of the Rubicon that Sero tries to cross, there is no fury, hatred, or revenge, but only love. Will they get over 'a tragedy of the night' and forgive each other?


Jeong Sero (Cast: Yoon Kye Sang)

“You take my life so easily. You hurt my soul so badly. I still cannot forgive you. But, I cannot stop myself from loving you.” When Jeong Sero hears his father, a con-man saying “Pack your things”, he has to pack his stuff within 30 minutes even during sleep to run away. When his goal to pass the Foreign Service Examination is about to be come true, he loses everything by an incident. After losing his father, Sero’s life has been destroyed; He is charged for murdering Yongwon’s fiance and spends his life in Thai prison for five years. Sero has nothing to lose and the life itself is meaningless to him. Therefore, he changes his identity for revenge and becomes Lee Eunsoo. However, he falls in love with Youngwon in the end. Sero’s affection for Youngwon is not only punishment, but also salvation. Sero wants to protect her and regaining his meaning of life.

Han Youngwon (Cast: Han Ji Hye)

“Tell me you never deceived me! Tell me you are not a murderer and you are not Jeong Sero!” A chief designer, who is in charge of renowned Jewelry brand 'Belle la Fair.’ ‘Belle la Fair’ is a home and haven for her since she spent time there with her mother, also a jewel designer, who passed away. After the death of her fiance Woojin, who had been a real support for her, Youngwon turns her back on the world. Not having time to grieve his death, Youngwon locks herself up in the workshop like a captured cage bird and gradually loses herself. Then, a man named Eunsoo appears in front of Youngwon and asks her to follow him. Eventually, Youngwon gets out of the cage and starts to face her life again holding Eunsoo’s hand not realizing who he really is.

Park Gangjae (Cast: Jo Jin Woong)

A veteran con-man who learned fraud since childhood from Dojoon, Sero’s father. Gangjae has treated Sero as his own brother, but he feels somewhat resentment towards Sero since Dojoon always comes his own son Sero first. When Sero becomes Lee Eunsoo, Gangjae enters onto a big fraud case along with Jaein. Gangjae has had affections for a long time on Jaein, but the man who never been loved is only a little boy when it comes to love.

Seo Jaein (Cast: Kim Yoo Ri)

Jaein is too cheerful and sociable for a cheater. It seems like she shows every side of her, so it is hard to see what is really in her. Jaein’s affection for Sero starts from compassion who lost his father and are falsely accused of murder. Then, she cannot stop herself from loving him leaving Gangjae’s feeling behind.

Behind the Scenes

What would be the ending of Beyond the Clouds?
Sero and Youngwon to be in hospital [Beyond the Clouds]
Youngwon to discover the truth [Beyond the Clouds]



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