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Golden Cross

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.04.23
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Mon-Thurs 24:20 | Re-run: Sun 05:00, Mon 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Employee's net incomes are getting lower and lower but their employer's salaries increase every year. In the age of rough economy, we are forced to believe prospective economy in the future. Then one day, if someone lures you for dirty money, what would you do?


Kang Do Yun (Cast: Kim Kang Woo)

A lawyer who used to be a judicial apprentice. "Never be like my father," is Doyun's motto. Not like Doyun who always saves his own pocket, his father has lived a losing life. Doyun never understands his father’s incompetence even with a decent job, a bank teller. Except his family, Doyun applies 'Give and Take' rule to people around him, so he is known as a selfish, greedy and inconsiderate man. But who cares? Justice? Morality? Conscience? Those rubbish words surely mean, "If you feel that you were treated unfairly, then find a way to get to the top." Being eliminated from the competition to join the national Taekwondo team, the favourite Taekwondo player studied desperately to be successful and finally became a prosecutor after numerous failures. Now, he just need to wait for brighter future under the law and with his ID card. Then, he gets a phone call saying his father killed his only sister.

Seo I-Re (Cast: Lee Si Young)

A prosecutor. I-re’s grandfather have successively served as the Deputy Prime Minister of Economy twice and her father is also mentioned as the next Minister of Economy. They are men of high integrity and faith who have never engaged in any kind of incident. I-re majored in Economics but chose to be a prosecutor to work in the field. After five years, she is known as righteous prosecutor. However, there is a reason for her to stick to the principles so hard which is to punish her biological mother who she hates so much. Her mother has been living as a ‘female’ rather than a mother or a wife, but her father turned a blind-eye to her mother and I-re truly loves and respects such a generous father. One day, she becomes aware of the fact that the murderer which she is in charge of is no one but her father.

Michael Jang (Cast: Um Ki Joon)

The CEO of PAX KOREA Michael Jang attracts people by his outstanding appearance, mannered behaviour, and a sense of humour. But inside, he is such a cruel fund manager when it comes to money. With his intelligence and roguish smile, Michael makes others lower their guards. However, the fund manger was recognized by his remarkable activities in Mexico City all alone during the 1994 Mexican Peso Crisis and was headhunted by PAX, global hedge fund group and came back to Korea during the 1997 Asian economic crisis. Born in Korea, but his family moved to the US when he was in elementary school and he became American inside and out. His only goal in life is “money.”

Hong Sa Rah (Cast: Han Eun Jung)

The CEO of Club Golden Cross Always with a mysterious smile on her face, Sara, a discreet woman, turns a blind-eye to what happens at Club Golden Cross. Though she is not fancy or luxurious, classy Sarah is always full of dignity. It is said that Sara used to be an actress or she is a hidden daughter of a government official, but those are nothing but pure fabrications. Everything about Sara including her real name, identity, and birth are all under a veil of mystery. Kim Jaegab is a powerful man who even controls President and Sarah has served him for last 16 years as his mistress. But, no one knows that she has been holding a dagger of revenge deep down in her heart, and even Kim Jaegab who has an insight into people’s mind.

Behind the Scenes

“Golden Cross” to see its ending [Golden Cross]
Jung Boseok to bring false tears [Golden Cross]
Kang Doyun to reborn as Terry Young [Golden Cross]



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