Big Man

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.05.12
  • Number of Episodes : 16
  • Runtime : '
  • Showtime : Mon-Thurs 24:20 | Re-run: Sun 05:00, Mon 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


There is a world only for the rich and privileged. There, the laws and principles are different from a normal society. Money and power let a woman, who is sentenced to life, stay in a VIP ward instead of prison and so many evils are sent back to their normal lives with impunity. 'Unknown World' exists in the world where we live. In this corrupted world, people needed a superman. This superman is not your typical superman. He does not fly or defeats evil spirits with superpower. Rather he is born as an orphan and has lived a life of being treated with contempt. He has no family or educational background. Although he seems like nothing much, he is relatable. Then, he meets a woman. She came to kill him but he falls in love with her. She brings out a real superhero in him. Then the miracles start to happen.


Kim Jihyuk (Cast: Kang Jihwan)

Born as an orphan, Kim Jihyuk has gone through many hardships. Gangsters bothered Jihyuk, because he used to be a boxer and he chose to be one of them for a little while. Auntie Dalsook, who runs a restaurant in a market is someone who guides him onto the right path. Jihyuk works hard helping Dalsook’s restaurant in the daytime and driving drunk passengers home at night. But it’s not like he is always a good man. His nickname is a hedgehog which makes someone bleed when they step on him. This is how he has protected himself all alone for a long time. Then, one day, Jihyuk’s life has changed totally overnight. When Jihyuk came back from the dead after the accident, Jihyuk meets So Mira, his destiny. Now, Kang Jihyuk becomes a member of one of the wealthiest family in South Korea.

So Mira (Cast: Lee Dahee)

A manager of Family Business team at Hyunsuong Group. Following her father, who used to a driver of Hyunseong Group, So Mira meets Kang Dongseok, a successor to Hyunseong Group. Mira studied hard to go to a prestigious high school and university with Dongseok and becomes a manager of FB team at Hyunseong Group by herself. Finally, she becomes Dongseok’s girlfriend. Then, one day, an order is given to her to take care of Kang Jihyuk all of sudden. Mira is well aware of that Jihyuk is adopted for Dongseok’s heart transplant and even tries to kill him. However, Mira starts to open her mind to Jihyuk who is ignorant, but also considerate.

Kang Dongseok (Cast: Choi Daniel)

A successor to Hyunseong Group. Born in a wealthy family, Kang Dongseok has never lacked anything when he was growing up and he has followed an elite course based on their parents’ expectations. There is still one thing lacking in his perfect life, his heart problem. But, Dongseok believes that his parents would fix it easily. When Dongseok is back, Mira who has only cared about him, is looking at someone else, that rubbish man. Mira once tried to kill Jihyuk for Dongseok. He cannot give up Mira for that man.

Kang Jin-A (Cast: Jung Somin)

Dongseok’s younger sister. Kang Jin-A can do whatever she wants and her room is always full of the best things in the world. Therefore, Jin-A finds the world so boring. She meets Jihyuk who is driving drunk drivers home and begins to wonder who this man is. One day, the driver shows up again, under the name of Kang Jihyuk who was hard to find. People say that he is Jin-A’s eldest brother. “My brother? My family? Impossible!” Jin-A, who cannot accept Jihyuk as her brother, tries to run away from home. But, in the end she gets to the hotel, the affiliate of Hyunseong Group which is not very far.

Behind the Scenes

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