Dream High 2

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2012.02.20
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : '
  • Showtime : Mon-Thu 10:20am | 11:10pm (Seoul, UTC+9)


Girin Arts high school was once a prestigious arts school, grooming the next generation of K-pop stars. But for past several years, the school failed to produce any good artists. When it is about to shut down due to the financial difficulty, OZ Entertainment acquires this school in danger. Now, it is time for Girin Arts School to get back in to the fierce battle of survival!


Shin HaeSeong (cast: Kang SoRa)

Shin HaeSeong has lived 19 years being full of self-confidence. Being over-positive and full of energy, HaeSeong is a honest and simple-minded student.

Although HaeSeong has learned music solely through effort, she doesn't have a hint of doubt in her mind that she will make a good singer if she tries hard.

When she decides to do something, she never gives up and shows a remarkable concentration. She has never been in doubt as to her talent.

Jin YooJin (cast: Jeong JinWoon)

After school, Jin YooJin writes songs at the dorm and plays his music at Hongdae area by himself. YooJin thinks it will be difficult to be successful at Kirin Art High School, so he decides to go his own way.

Yet, when JB, who used to be no match for him, comes back as a superstar in three years, Yoojin feels so confused.

People always says JB is right and Yoojin is wrong. Yoojin insists that he is not wrong, but different. However, he starts to be worried about what if people don't want to listen to his songs.

SiWoo (cast: Park SeoJun)

K-pop Idol duo Eden’s vocal with a strong image of rebellious teenager.

Natural born playboy. Collecting girl’s cell phone numbers and taking selfies are his favourite things to do.

SiWoo lacks in competitiveness, and even it is hard to find some passion from him. Yet, his talent enables him to be on the top. He is different from JB in various ways, but also a good friend who can keep his balance.

Jang WooJae (cast: JB)

The leader of Eden, the most popular duo dance group in the nation.

K-pop's hottest star WooJae attracts a large fan club around him and takes good care of his fans. Yet, he is constantly anxious and feels lonely.

He doesn’t want to look vulnerable, so WooJae practices hard in front of the mirror. The star idol who hates losing, that's another side of Jang WooJae.

Rian (Cast: Park JiYeon)

A member of the popular girl group, Hush. A dancer & rapper.
But, Rian lacks in the acting ability to do so, but she puts acting first rather than singing.

Full of groundless self-confidence, Rian believes she can be the best actress in the future if she tries hard. Very sensitive to popularity and only cares about how others will see her.

She regards every student she encounters is netizens who comment about her. Rian ends up being lonely since she doesn't treat her friends as friends.

Nana (Cast: Hyorin)

Group Hush's main vocalist and leader.

A student with easy-going and wild personality.

Nana can sing live perfectly while dancing and she is quick on the uptake. This energetic singer gets along well with Girin High School students just like other ordinary students.

With amazing talent and natural abilities, she becomes famous for her outstanding singing skills. But, it becomes shackles later on.

When she loses her singing abilities, she finds her another potential.

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