Blade Man

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.09.17
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : '
  • Showtime : Mon-Thurs 24:20 | Re-run: Sun 05:00, Mon 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Joo Hongbin, the CEO of a game company, has got everything. He is capable, rich and even good-looking! However, this perfect guy lacks in one thing. He is so ill-tempered! The worst guy on the planet! One rainy day, this supercilious guy turns into a monster. When he gets angry, the blades spring out from his body. Moreover, Sedong, a woman with a bright personality and Chang, his first love's son appear making him confused...


Joo HongBin (cast: Lee DongWook)

Joo HongBin is a rich, capable, and good-looking CEO of a game company. However, this perfect guy lacks in one thing; He is so ill-tempered. He loses his temper so easily and hurts others physically and emotionally making them feel humiliated. Then, he makes up for it with enough money without feeling sorry. One rainy day, this supercilious guy turns into a monster; Some blades are coming out from his body. For a few days, his sense of smell has been overly sensitive. Then he discovers a familiar smell from a woman named SeDong, but she is not the one he knows. Then who is she?

Son SeDong (cast: Shin SeGyeong)

Son SeDong is a considerate and caring woman who always tries to understand others' feelings. Her game company, which she sets up with her friends after many hardships, has turned over to a big company. She struggles by herself to get the company back, but she also shows compassion on her senior colleague who sold the company away. 24 hours is not enough for Sedong, who is also called as 'mum' since her humane character. She is busy taking care of her friends, neighbours, and Chang, a lost child. This little boy doesn't want to be separated from Sedong, who takes good care of him and Sedong also feels comfortable when she is with him. However, Chang's father turns out to be Joo HongBin, who took her company away.

Behind the Scenes

The final episode [Blade Man]
Various characters in the drama [Blade Man]
Taehui to reunite with Hongbin and Chang [Blade Man]



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