Love Rain

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2012.04.16
  • Number of Episodes : 20
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime :


This drama takes place in alternate timeline. It begins in the 1970s with the story of Inha and Yun-hui. Inha, with exceptional skills to be called a genius, is loved by many fellow female students but he has no interest in women. However, things change when he accidentally stumbled to Yun-hui who has long straight hair and white skin. Inha learns about her by reading her diary that she dropped. One rainy day, Inha meets Yun-hui again and they share a little umbrella together. Unfortunately, before Inha confesses his love to Yun-hui, Inha finds out that his friend, Dongwuk, also likes Yun-hui. Moreover, Inha learns Hyejung likes him and they all suffer from growing pain due to their love triangle. Now the drama’s background changes to the present, 2012 in Hokkaido, Japan. Hana(daughter of Yun-hui) meets Jun(Son of Inha), who found her lost phone. And Inha and Yun-hui reunite in 32 years.


Seo InHa in 1970's (Cast: Jang KeunSuk)

Just like his name, he has a soft and gentle smile. Such a talkative, but a warm-hearted man. Studying at a college of art, he also enjoys playing the guitar and writing songs. InHa gets to know ChangMo, a law school student but whose dream is to be a singer, and he introduces music coffee shop 'Serabi' and its famous DJ DongWook. Then, the three men become popular being called as 'The Trio of Serabi.' One day, InHa sees Yunhui and he cannot forget her pure elegance image. Inha is drawn to her and starts sketching her.

Kim YunHui in 1970's (Cast: YoonA)

Long straight black hair, lily-white skin in a floaty chiffon dress... YunHui has a pure elegance image. Her big eyes and a shy smile remind a beautiful woman in a love song. YunHui can't afford the luxury like spending time at coffee shop, having a date with a guy. Those luxuries are only possible in her diary. Then, one autumn day, she meets InHa with a bright smile.

Seo Jun in 2012 (Cast: Jang KeunSuk)

Seo InHa's son. His unique work and good looks made him a popular photographer. He is such a snob; He doesn't care about what others say. Ironically, people in his photos are so beautifully captured. Then, he bumps into an unpredictable and vivacious woman, HaNa by chance in Japan. However, when he sees her through his camera, he can't help but be drawn to her pure image.

Jeong HaNa in 2012 (Cast: YoonA)

YunHui and Jeong SiHeon's daughter. A cheerful and talkative girl. She majored in gardening in Japan. For her mother, who has been missing her first love, HaNa decides to find him. She ends up being in Hokkaido to find him, but she encounters this arrogant man, He keeps picking a fight saying she is too old-fashioned. Her life starts to get noisy because of him. At Age 24, HaNa's first love is about to start.

Behind the Scenes

How will the complex web of love will end? [Love Rain]
Jun and Hana to encounter at the cinema [Love Rain]
Hana feels heartbroken between two loves [Love Rain]



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