Bridal Mask

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In the 1930s, there lived a super hero of Korea. The nameless hero, who gave hope and comfort to people living in the land under Japanese occupation. A drama about the Korean superhero Bridal Mask. He had to give up love to be a nameless hero. It's the story about him and the woman who tried to protect him. Join us for this fun and thrilling action drama about the hidden hero mercilessly punishing villains!


Lee GangTo (Cast: JooWon)

A detective at Jongno police station. After his noble father was killed who devoted himself to the independence movement, he supported his older brother Lee GangSan to re-establish their family name and gave up his dream. Yet, GangSan also followed his father in his steps and became an invalid after participating in the movement. Then, he decided to become a detective capturing Joseon fighters for Japan. He learned kendo to be successful and keeps on rolling, but that damned Bridal Mask shows up and stands in his way.

Mokdan (Cast: Jin SeYeon)

A member of a circus troupe and a fencer. Her life’s goals are to find her father who fights for the independence against Japanese and her savior, who saved her life when she was little. Thus, she became a member of a circus troupe travelling throughout the nation and the first female fencer in Joseon. Then, she reunites his father and tries to attack a detective who is trying to arrest his father. She never knows the detective is her childhood savior.

Kimura Shunji (Cast: Park KiWoong)

An elementary school teacher in Kyungsung, the capital of Joseon. Born as the son of Samurai, he gives up the sword and chooses to be a teacher teaching children in Joseon. This Japanese guy, who are somewhat connected to Joseon, finally falls in love with Joseon woman, but finds out she has feelings for his best friend, Bridal Mask.

Chae HongJu (Cast: Han ChaeAh)

Chae HongJu was born to a noble family, but her father was killed when he refused to support the independence army and her mother also passed away from the shock. Her life was overturned by the accident and she chose to be a gisaeng at the age of nine to avenge her parents’ death. HongJu, who hates Joseon Independence army more than anyone, is adopted by a Japanese man and earns Japanese nationality. Then, she comes to Joseon to murder Bridal Mask who becomes a threat to Kishokai, a secret organization.

Behind the Scenes

Bridal Mask to be chaesed by Hongju [Bridal Mask]
Shunji realizes he was tricked so the rebels could steal military funds. He thinks Mokdan could disappear and rushes to Gyeongseong Inn. Gangto finds out that Shunji knows he is Bridal Mask and go...
Shunji asks Rara how she could lost Bridal Mask [Bridal Mask]
Chief Murayama is in rage when the transportation of the comfort women fails. When he finds out Lee Gangto wasn’t there, he beats him. Shunji thinks it’s strange that Gangto is endurin...
The new chief fires Gangto [Bridal Mask]
Bridal Mask blows himself up and there is chaos, but another Bridal Mask appears and helps Damsari escape. Shunji is about to be dismissed for failing to capture Bridal Mask. Gangto goes to Rara a...



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