You Are My Destiny

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld :
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Tue 11:20 | Thu-Fri 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


A new family has born who have overcome prejudice and wound in their hearts.

This ordinary Kim's family adopts an orphan who recovers her sight after receiving a corneal transplant from their daughter who died in a car crash. They also accept a single mother, who is older than their son, as their daughter-in-law. The family slowly accept them as part of the family and becomes one.


Kang HoSe (Cast: Park JaeJung)

A romantist with gentle charisma! Kang HoSe is a manager of Lohas, a company specializing in making kitchen sets. The CEO's son is an attractive, and open-minded guy and he is also capable. He spent 2 years at overseas branch in Milan. When it comes to work, he is a perfectionist, but on the other hand, he dreams of unconditional love. He decides to get married to his childhood friend NaYoung, but he is shocked to know that she passed away. One day, he has a blind date with SaeByuk and falls for her pureness and easygoing personality. However, he notices SaeByuk had a blind date instead of Kim SooBin and goes out with SooBin. Yet, he realizes he already falls in love with SaeByuk.

Jang SaeByuk (Cast: YoonA)

Although being raised at an orphanage, SaeByuk grew up as a cheerful lady. At first, she dreamed of being a painter, but she lost her eye sight by a firework accident and received corneal transplant surgery by Kim NaYoung who passed away in a car crash. Later on, she visits NaYoung's family to say thank you, but the family are unaware of NaYoung's accident and are devastated by the news. Overcoming prejudice and misunderstanding, SaeByuk tries her best to be an interior designer. In the meantime, she feels great love from NaYoung's family and eventually becomes a part of them by being adopted.

Kim SooBin (Cast: Gong HyunJu)

A manager of Design Team at Lohas. "I always achieve my goals." This beautiful, intelligent woman with a cosmopolitan outlook is scouted for Lohas as a design team manager. SooBin, who doesn't care what others think, longs for success. When she first encounters HoSe, she has a good impression on him, but she sends SaeByuk instead of her to the blind date with him. Later on, she starts to go out with HoSe. Therefore, SaeByuk and SooBin rivals in love.

Behind the Scenes

Taepung opens up about his feelings for Saebyuk [You Are My Destiny]
Saebyuk tries to understand Taeyeong’s situation [You Are My Destiny]
Punggeum is angry at Yeongsuk for taking Saebyuk's side. Minjeong yells at Chilbok to cut all relations with Daejin’s family. Saebyeok and Taepung find out that Soyeong and Yunhui are mother and dau...
Sebyeok, the icon of optimism [You Are My Destiny]



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