Love & Secret

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.11.24
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 08:50 | Re-run: Mon-Fri 15:10 | Sun 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


Areum becomes a single mother while studying in the US and returns home. And here is a man named Seongwoon who is deeply hurt by his family. One day, Phillipe, the biological father of Areum's child shows up in front of them.
Seongwoon decides to take care of the child and protects her from Phillipe who seems to be busy enjoying his life.
"Love & Secret" features these three characters who challenge themselves to succeed in their career, love, and family business.


Han Areum (cast: Shin SoYul)

A fashion designer at Winners Group. Areum is always confident and she never regrets any decision she ever makes. While she is studying abroad, she falls in love with Phillipe, but she finds him being aggressive. After the break-up, she notices that she is pregnant and gives birth to Tiffany. Then, she returns to South Korea and works hard to deal with hardships as a single mother. She can't dare to dream about being in love, but she starts to have feelings for Seongwoon, who keeps picking on her, but also helping her a lot.

Cheon SeongWoon (cast: Kim HeungSoo)

Director at Winners Group. Cheon SeongWoon values principles in business and being referred to as a cold-hearted. He believes his step mother is deeply related to his mother's death and keeps his distance from his half-brother SeongHo. However, when he meets Areum and her daughter Tiffany, he becomes more humane, turning into a totally different person. He is moved by Areum's maternal love, who always does her best to take good care of Tiffany and tries to achieve her love.

Phillipe (cast: Yang JiNu)

M&A Specialist. CEO Cheon headhunted him to expand Winners Group's business. Phillipe returns to South Korea missing Areum and asks her to get back, but she leaves no room for him. Then, Phillipe meets SeongWoon who becomes a rival in relationship and business. When SeongWoon and Areum get closer, Phillipe tries to get her back by any means.

Ko YooNi (cast: Lee MinJi)

A corporation lawyer at Winners Group. Supported by CEO Cheon, YooNi is SeongWoon's old friend and has taken care of him just like his personal assistant. She gains Cheon's family's perfect trust and is about to engage to SeongWoon. Although SeongWoon doesn't love her, she is in love with him and has an ambition to upgrade her social status.

Behind the Scenes

Phillip and Suji set things up with the lawyers to win the case [Love & Secret]
Areum and Seongun go to see Phillip, and he tells them about what Myeonghwa did wrong. Meanwhile, Panseok asks Myeonghwa to go to a nursing home. Phillip and Suji set things up with the lawyers...
Areum goes to a party with Phillip and sees Seongun
Areum goes to a party with Phillip and sees Seongun there. She is wary of Phillip and avoids Seongun. Meanwhile, Seongun arranges to meet Phillip's ex-wife, Suji. Suji goes to see Phillip a...
Areum eavesdrops on Phillip's phone call [Love & Secret]
Seongun sees his father nearly faint and asks Sua to look after his health. Meanwhile, Panseok feels Myeonghwa is acting strangely. Areum eavesdrops on Phillip's phone call and tells Seongu...



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