The Innocent Man

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2012.10.03
  • Number of Episodes : 20
  • Runtime : 70'
  • Showtime : Mon-Thurs 24:20 | Re-run: Sun 05:00, Mon 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


The drama is a typical melo-drama that depicts the passionate but tragic love of a man named Gang MaRu (played by Song JoongKi). MaRu devotes his whole life to Han JaeHui (played by Park SiYeon), the woman who he loves, but is betrayed by her later and pledges revenge against her. Then MaRu meets another woman, Seo EunGi (played by Moon ChaeWon), who instantly falls in love with MaRu. However, EunGi gets into an accident when she loses her memory after a traumatic brain injury. Now, Maru uses EunGi's lost memory to take a revenge on JaeHui.


Kang MaRu (cast: Song JoongKi)

Kang MaRu enters into the nation's best medical school and a lot of women adore him, but MaRu only cares about one woman, JaeHui, the most beautiful woman in the neighbourhood.

Six years ago, when MaRu rushed to JaeHui after a phone call from her, his life has changed completely. A promising medical school student Kang Maru has gone and he lost his only hope JaeHui.

Currently, he is a hotshot bartender who top actresses and ladies in financial circles want most.

Now, he only needs to find JaeHui. Then, a cold-hearted woman shows up in front of him. Her name is Seo EunGi who calls JaeHui as mother.

Seo EunGi (cast: Moon ChaeWon)

The heiress to the Taesan Group.

Seo EunGi was raised only to be the successor to the Taesan Group, so her childhood was totally different from other kids in her age, emotionless, no fantasy, no imagination..

She was trained not to show her emotions to anyone even to her own family. She was taught to be smile when she is sad and to have a poker face when she is happy. "This is how you can survive in this ruthless world," her father said.

Then, she meets this man Kang Maru, totally incomprehensible. At first, she was afraid of him and she started to wonder. Then, she missed him and now she wants him.

Han JaeHui (cast: Park SiYeon)

JaeHui's mother was a prostitute. Her only brother was addicted to gambling and tried to sell her for money. Maru, a boy in the neighbourhood, was the only hope for JaeHui. MaRu was like a home to JaeHui, a bright and warm house which protects her from the harsh world.

However, JaeHui, who longs for the better life, meets a totally new world which she can’t even imagine by CEO Seo.

Unintentionally, she decides to abandon MaRu after all he has done for her to have a glamorous life and betrays her only side in the world, MaRu.

Behind the Scenes

Eungi finally realizes she was wrong about Maru [The Innocent Man]
Maru asks Eungi to run away with him, but Eungi says it was over between them a long time ago and the most important thing to do is to find the truth. Then, Maru goes to Jaehui and tells her to...
Eungi decides to get revenge against Maru and Jaehui [The Innocent Man]
Eungi gets her memory back and decides to get revenge against Maru and Jaehui. Maru loves Eungi, but realizes he can’t go any closer. Still, he is more worried that Eungi will be hurt. M...
Eungi finally gets her memory back [The Innocent Man]
Eungi doesn’t tell anyone she got her memory back and makes plans to get Taesan back one by one. Maru buys couple rings to show his love for Eungi.   Minyeong is suspicious that Eungi...



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