You Are the Only One

  • Genre : Drama Series
  • Premiere on KBSWorld : 2014.12.08
  • Number of Episodes :
  • Runtime : 40'
  • Showtime : Mon-Fri 20:20 | Re-run: Tue-Sat 05:20 | Mon-Fri 09:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


The birth of multi-family living under the same roof! In this generation, there is a staggering number of singles across all ages who are opting to live in a shared home in an attempt to save money. In one of these shared homes, there lives a woman who was once a producer but is now a fruit vendor. There's a middle-aged woman who was abandoned by her husband and family. There's even a single father and a foreigner as well. As different as their backgrounds are, the house somehow brings them together. A daughter who was abandoned by her mother shares her pain with a mother who was abandoned by her family. Through some tragic and sometimes hilarious moments, this unlikely family comes together and causes viewers to reexamine the meaning of family in this new age.


Song DoWon (cast: Han ChaeAh)

Popular producer at a cable broadcasting company. She is famous for her line in the show, "Then, I'll taste this food." Being raised by single father, she grew up as a bright woman. Yet, this optimistic woman has a secret. She has been missing her mother who abandoned her and hides her longing for mother from her father. She believes when she shows up on TV, her mother will recognize her. One day, she finds a writing from her mother and decides to find her. Having worked hard more than anyone, she has turned 30, but she has never dated anyone. Then, she meets this famous chef Lee JiGeon to cast him for her program and she starts to feel something she has never felt before. He seems to be a playboy who asks her out so easily, but she doesn’t feel unpleasant.

Lee JiGeon (cast: Sung Hyuk)

Owner chef of Marie's Kitchen. JiGeon's father has been having affairs, so he has no fantasy in marriage. His father asks JiGeon to take over his business, but cooking is all he wants. Enjoying his single life, his only goal is to run Marie's Kitchen well. One day, JiGeon is asked to interview him for a TV cooking show, but he refuses to appear. However, producer DoWon shows up at his restaurant to persuade him. Finally, this woman, who is passionate and knowledgeable in cooking, makes JiGeon change his mind to join the show. Then, JiGeon's fancy-free single life starts to be changed.

Nam HyeRi (cast: Ji JuYeon)

General Manager of Town Mart. This competent woman, Nam HyeRi became a general manager at the age of 27. She is a real jack-of-all trades. Being strict to herself, she is so ambitious. She has known JiGeon since they were kids. She acts like she doesn't care about marriage, but she tries hard to get married to him by manipulating their parents. The ostensible reason for the marriage is a merger between her father's company and Town Mart, but the truth is, she is in love with him. When JiGeon says that he asks DoWon out, she feels devastated.

Behind the Scenes

Suyeon asks Malsu about her daughter [You Are the Only One]
Suyeon asks Malsu about her daughter, which upsets Malsu. Hyeri plans for Byeongtae to appear as a surprise guest on a TV show which will feature Namsun. She tries to stop Jigeon from getting his ...
Dowon decides to take Jigeon back [You Are the Only One]
Hyeri convinces Byeongtae to give Juran what she wants so they can save Town Mart. Byeongtae thinks that makes sense and tells Juran he’ll give them the apartment. Jigeon throws Dowon a surp...
Byeongtae threats Namsun to leave Seoul [You Are the Only One]
Byeongtae offers Juran a bouquet of money and begs her to forgive him. Hyeri tells Suyeon to plan the wedding soon, and tells her she won’t forgive her if she stands in the way of the weddin...



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